Pretty woman remake

Though Arquette said she would love to remake the original, darker version of Pretty Woman now and cast Roberts in it, Roberts maintained: 'I had no business being in a movie like that. We have to admit that we love that Pretty Woman did indeed have a happily ever after—but we'd also be first in line at the box office to buy tickets for ... When Vivian Lewis learns that crooked billionaires have taken control of the worldwide oceans, she tells her husband Edward that she left her position at the Ocean's Institute and infiltrated the infamous MKU where she has planted Edward, his brother George and herself as agent provocateurs in a complex sting to preserve the integrity of the oceans. Pretty Woman the Musical tickets at the Piccadilly Theatre ‍. One of Hollywood’s most beloved romantic stories of all time is now ‘a dazzling new stage show’ (Daily Express).Pretty Woman: The Musical features direction and choreography by two-time Tony Award® winner Jerry Mitchell (Kinky Boots, Legally Blonde, Hairspray),an original ‘blazing rock score’ (Daily Mail) by Grammy ... Pretty Woman remake. A spokesperson for Gosling told us, “Ryan is excited to take on this much-loved role, and he hopes to bring something fresh to the character, including a penis.” “The official title is still under wraps, obviously, but you wouldn’t be a million miles away with Pretty Man, Pretty Guy, or Pretty Boy.” Pretty Woman 2 or the Pretty Woman Remake Release Date . April 1, 2020 is when they’re tentatively hoping for the Pretty Woman Remake to debut. It’s also possible they go for Valentine’s Day because Hollywood knows chicks like cheap dirty sex on the one day of the year when men buy them stuff in return for guaranteed sex, kinda like a … The hit 1990 romantic comedy “Pretty Woman” was originally written as a tragedy, according to the film’s stars and director, who reunited for an interview to celebrate its 25th anniversary ... However, it turns out that Pretty Woman won't return as a sequel, reboot or remake. Instead, the classic My Fair Lady reimagining will be adapted as a Broadway musical. Pretty Woman Peyton Brown comes in off the streets to talk about the Julia Roberts star-making vehicle, Pretty Woman. Rob goes back to the source, Josiah swaps things up, and Peyton pitches a very gritty remake. Pretty Woman Remake Cast by bane51424-844-215614 created - 27 May 2014 updated - 27 May 2014 Public Sort by: View: 9 names 1. Matthew McConaughey Actor Dallas Buyers Club American actor and producer Matthew David McConaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas. His mother, Mary Kathleen (McCabe), is a substitute school teacher originally from New ... Ah, I remember the moment I decided I wanted to be a streetwalker. Twelve years old and watching Pretty Woman for the first time, enraptured by Julia Roberts and her grand piano of a smile, her sass

(Offer) List (Request) List

2020.09.17 23:30 certifiedninja24 (Offer) List (Request) List

Gringo redeems for amazon prime
👇New Additions👇
Barbershop The Next Cut HD vudu
Concussion SD MA
Dead Man Down SD MA
Get Hard HD MA
Men in Black HD MA
Roman J. Israel, Esq SD MA
The Conjuring HD MA
👇Disney 👇
Avengers endgame HD gp or itunes (split)
Avengers Endgame 4K MA (Split)
Avengers infinty war HD itunes (split)
Beauty and the beast animated HD gp (split)
Beauty and the beast live action HD ma (split)
Black panther HD itunes (split)
Frozen 2 HD gp (split)
Guardians of the galaxy vol2 HD itunes or gp (split)
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker HD gp or ma (split)
Star wars rogue one HD gp or itunes (split)
Star Wars The Last Jedi HD MA or gp (split)
Thor Ragnarok HD gp or ma (split)
Danger Close HD
Death Wish (2018) HD
Farenheit 451 HD
Get Shorty Season 1 HD
Ghost in the Shell/Aeon Flux HD
House party tonight's the night HD
Jack reacher never go back HD
Katy Perry Part of Me not sure SD or HD
Mechanic ressurection SD
Mission Impossible Fallout HD
Now you see me not sure SD or HD
Now you see me 2 not sure SD or HD
Paranormal Activity 3 Unrated not sure SD or HD
Robocop (2014) HD
Rogue Warfare HD
The expendables 2 SD
The expendables 3 not sure SD or HD
The hunger games 1 HD and SD
The hunger games mockingjay pt.2 not sure SD or HD
The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water HD
Twlight HD
Twlight Eclipse HD
Twlight Breaking Dawn Part 2 HD
XXX return of xander cage HD
👇Movies anywhere 👇
300 rise of an empire HD
Aloha HD
Atlas shrugged part 3 HD
Barbie Star Light Adventure HD
Barbie Video Game Hero HD
Bye bye man unrated HD
Carrie (Remake) HD
Entourage the movie HD
Fast and furious 6 extended edition HD
Fate of the furious extended HD
Fate of the furious theatrical HD
Fifty shades of grey unrated HD
Focus HD
Harold and Kumar Christmas HD
Harry potter and the deathly Hallows part 2 HD
Independence Day Resurgence HD
Jack the Giant Slayer HD
Jurassic world HD
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom HD
Kabul Gibrans The Prophet HD
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again HD
Man of steel HD
Maze Runner the Death Cure HD
Monster High Electrified HD
Monster High Great Scarrier Reef HD
Murder on the Orient Express HD
Point Break (2015) HD
Run All Night HD
Sing HD
Skyscraper HD
Sleepless HD
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 HD
The Book of Life HD
The Boss Baby HD
The Dark Knight Rises HD
The gallows HD
The great wall HD
The Hobbit Unexpected Journey HD
The Last Exorcism Part 2 SD
The Young Messiah HD
Thunderstruck HD
TMNT(2007) HD
Walking with Dinosaurs HD
Wonder Woman HD
👇Itunes 👇
Marked (MA) if ports
A Bad Moms Christmas 4K
A Quiet Place 4K
Action Point HD
Alex Cross HD
Alien Covenant 4K (MA redeemable but not 4K)
Bad Words HD (MA)
Barbie Star Light Adventure HD (MA)
Barbie Video Game Hero HD (MA)
Bring it on Worldwide #Cheersmack HD (MA)
Buttons A Christmas Tale HD
Bye Bye Man Unrated HD (MA)
Den of Thieves HD
Divergent 4K
Farenheit 451 HD
Fast Five Extended Edition (MA) not sure SD or HD
Fast and Furious 6 Extended Edition 4K (MA)
Fate of the Furious Theatrical 4K (MA)
Fifty shades of grey unrated 4K (MA)
Furious 7 Extended Edition 4K (MA)
Game of Thrones Season 7 HD
Gemini Man HD
Ghost in the Shell 4K
Hail, Caesar! Hd (MA)
Hidden Figures 4K (MA redeemable but not 4K)
Hobo with a Shotgun (not sure SD or HD from bluray)
I, Feel Pretty HD
John Henry HD
Logan 4K (MA redeemable but not 4K)
Incarnate Unrated HD (MA)
Kabul Gibrans The Prophet HD (MA)
Kingsman the Golden Circle 4K (MA redeemable but not 4K)
Mile 22 4K
Mindgamers HD
Mission Impossible Fallout HD
Molly's Game HD
Monster High Electrified HD (MA)
Monster High Great Scarrier Reef HD (MA)
Peppermint HD
Rogue Warfare HD
Sing 4k (MA)
Sleepless HD (MA)
Snatched 4K (MA redeemable but not 4K)
Team Hot Wheels Origin of Awesome! HD (MA)
The Deuce Season 1 HD
The Gift HD (MA)
The Gunman HD (MA)
The Happytime Murders 4K
The Hunger Games 1 4K
The Mountain Between Us 4K (MA redeemable but not 4K)
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty HD (MA)
The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water HD
The Upside HD
The Young Messiah HD (MA)
Transformers the last knight 4K
Twilight breaking dawn part 2
War for the planet of the apes 4K (MA redeemable but not 4K)
Why him? 4K (MA redeemable but not 4K)
XXX return of xander cage 4K
Parental guidance
Rise of the planet of the apes
Walking with Dinosaurs
The following gp below can be redeemed in a US gp account with browser. The ones marked will port will go to MA/vudu. The other ones will stay in gp but can be watched through google play tv app.
👇US region GP👇
Farenheit 451 HD
The Deuce Season 1 HD
👇CA region GP👇
American sniper (will port to MA)
Anchorman 2
Daddys home 1
Gi joe retaliation
The hobbit desolation of smaug (will port to MA)
Monsters trucks
Star trek beyond
Star trek into the darkness
Transformers age of extinction
Wonder woman (will port to MA)
XXX return of Xander cage
👇UK region GP 👇
21 jump street
American made
Blade runner 2049
Crazy Stupid Love
Darkest hour
Dark Shadow
Deadpool 2
Django Unchained
Olympus has Fallen
Smurfs 2
Spiderman homecoming
Wraith of the titans
👇France region GP👇 possibly only in French audio
Game of thrones season 1(should be in english)
Open season 2
Open season 3
Surfs up
The magnificent seven
👇AU region GP👇
Expendables 3
👇Xbox One Games👇
No Time to Explain!
Lovely Planet
Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX
Sparkle 2
Baseball Riot
Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink
Electronic Super Joy
Bladestorm: Nightmare
Iron Cast
Reagan Gorbachev
Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
Jotun: Valhalla Edition
Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found
Party Hard
The Final station
Tales from the Borderlands Ep 1
Tales from the Borderlands Ep 2-5
Game of Thrones Ep 1
Troll and I
Pixel Heroes
The Sun and Moon
Vertical Drop Heroes
World to the West
Bridge Constructor Stunts
Death Squared
Riptide GP: Renegade
Dead by Daylight
Toby - The secret Mine
The Inner World
SEUM: Speedrunners
The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor
Killing Floor 2
Attack on Titan
Arslan: The Warriors of Legend
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2020.09.15 00:21 mariaferann Starbucks double shot on ice?

Hi there, i’m a fairly new green bean and so are a lot of my coworkers.. so i’m sorry if this is a silly question. I was on DTW today and a woman came through with a mobile order. she had ordered a venti starbucks double shot on ice and there was a gap between the lid and the foamy bubbles that form from shaking it. It had already been sitting on the counter for a good minute before she came to pick it up though. she angrily said that she didn’t like the gap and that it never looks like that, after i handed the drink over. she didn’t even let me say that we could just remake it before she tried handing it over and she asked for me to “just add more coffee”. i said i was sorry and that i couldn’t take the drink back but that she could keep it. i also explained that there isn’t just black coffee in her drink and that it was actually espresso shots and that i could give her an extra shot in a cup. she got angry and said no she just wants me to fill the gap with coffee and not the heavy cream that she subbed for the 2%. i said that i was sorry again and told her that we could just remake it and that the gap was probably formed from the bubbles going down from sitting for a bit without being touched. she was finally fine with us remaking it after talking to our manager about it and getting angry that i couldn’t take her original drink back. she also cut me off when talking about the bubbles saying that she gets this drink all the time and it NEVER looks like that and that i was wrong. Can someone please explain the gap maybe? did the barista just make a mistake? also sorry if there’s any grammar mistakes i wrote this pretty quick while it was still fresh! thank you!
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2020.09.14 23:50 pm_me_reason_to_livx Some noteworthy anime I've seen in the past few months.

We don't talk about anime on this sub often by there are a lot of great stuff amongst the pile that are under the radar. Anime is a medium I've been kinda neglecting throughout my years of watching TV shows, but this year, in the midst of covid-19 and my fatigue of ordinary U.S. series I decided to check out more anime series. I've covered a few new anime series in my 2020 write-ups list, but here are some other noteworthy (and unnoteworthy) anime I've seen in the past few months (with ratings cause I like rating shit):
N.H.K ni yōkoso!/Welcome to the N.H.K
I don't think I've ever related to a series more than I have this one. Revolving around a 22-year old 'NEET' who's an asocial recluse, as he gets help on his social anxiety from a strange girl he randomly met one day who happens to already know almost everything about him. This is something fans of Bojack Horseman will enjoy as it is on the same emotional level. If you're anti-social or have social anxiety or a hikikomori etc. this one's for you, but be careful despite a resolved ending the final episode still leaves you with a dread feeling that life is pointless anyways (and it's best to just do what's necessary to survive).
rating: 5/5 
Add this to the short lists of anime which are better in dub because the subtitles doesn't do it justice. I'm glad I noticed that because I fucking love the profane dialogue on this anime, in fact, I love this anime as a whole. Great concept, very explicit, fucking badass, and in terms of attitude, the main character Kei is literally me. I have 2 big issues with Gantz though: 1. The animation style is bad. It's 2D animation with 3D animation cinematography, and it didn't age well at all. 2. The slow-paced action. And this might have to do with the cheap animation too, but the early mission scenes are so frustrating to watch, because they just won't fucking shoot!! I want a scene to scene remake of this anime, a remake that continues the adaptation of the manga.
rating: 4/5 
School Days
Some will say this is one of the worst animes ever, others will say it's one of the best, I am the latter. About a boy who falls in love with girl he sees everyday on the train ride to school, this anime is one of the few (if not only) shows I've seen that genuinely and honestly portrays the sexual desires of the average teenage boy as our main character chooses sex over love every chance he gets. There's also the character development and the slow-burn change in tone/atmosphere to praise, as the series grows from being a lighthearted romance into something sinister as the characters delve deeper and deeper into madness, succumbing to their own feelings.
rating: 5/5 
Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
Seen 48 episodes so far and i must say.... Boruto isn't that bad. In fact, Boruto so far is more well put together than the 2nd half of the shinobi war arc in Naruto Shippuden (which was just a mess). Boruto takes the best parts of Naruto and reinvents it in my opinion. And what's most commendable is how the series doesn't rely too much on already established characters (I hate Metal Lee though). The Sarada/Sasuke arc is the best arc I've seen so far. The Genin exams were good too. Cho-Cho is fucking hilarious. As a long time fan of Naruto the world building is interesting to see too.
rating: 3/5 
Prison School
While watching this half the time I was rolling my eyes at the absurd overly-sexualized scenarios and the other half I was laughing my ass off. How do you get you panties caught on the door knob woman!? Prison School knows exactly what it is and embraces it. It's an ecchi anime with over-the-top and wildly dramatic scenarios. You'll either find it funny, stupid or both.
rating: 3/6 
Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist
There are ecchi animes, there are ecchi animes that satirically make fun of other ecchi animes, and then there's Shimoneta, an anime portraying the horrors of an overly censored world? Even though I like to think that this novel was written as a jab at Japan and their dumb censorship laws, I didn't really like this series. It just wasn't doing it for me. The encounters between Tanukichi and Anna were the only bits I really enjoyed, there's just something about male animated characters trying to avoid rape that I always find hilarious (i.e Mr. Jellybean scene from Rick and Morty)
rating: 1/5 
Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne
I think this is the first anime I've ever watched that wasn't adapted from a manga or light novel, and the first anime I've watched with 40+ minute episodes and not 20+ minute episodes. It's great though, quite slow paced compared to most short-form animes, it's more along the line of a U.S. drama series, similar to both Black Mirror and Carnival Row as it mixed fantasy and sci-fi. I'm actually surprised this series isn't more popular in the U.S. as it has the layout, pacing and tone of a typical U.S. dark sci-fi series.
rating: 4/5 
Golden Boy
This anime is a considered cult-classic and you can tell why by the very first episode. About a boy, who's much smarter than he looks, traveling across Japan on his bicycle having various sexual encounters along the way. It's very funny and quite wholesome. I'm not even disappointed it's only 6-episodes, that's exactly the way it should be, short, sweet and memorable.
rating: 5/5 
Samurai Champloo
Set in an alternate edo period, a delicate girl, a boisterous delinquent and a humbled master swordsman who all met up by fate, sets off on a journey to find the sumarai that smells of sunflowers. Sumarai Champloo isn't the most engaging series I admit. Plus it's told in a format that's pretty obsolete nowadays as it is episodic until the final 3 chapters, so getting through it might be a bit of a chore for some but it's a worth it by the end. It has a dope soundtrack, good fight scenes, some humor here and there and a whole lot of life lessons you could take from it.
Rating: 3.5/5 
My Hero Academia
I've only seen 1 season (so far), but what I take from this is that it's pretty much a Japanese spin on U.S. comic book superheroes..... which still manages to be a very cliche, very typical shonen action anime. About a boy living in a world filled with superheros who appropriately receives powers of his own but can't fully control it yet, I feel like I've seen this already even though I haven't seen it. It is something easy to watch though, maybe I'll continue it sometime.
rating: 1.5/5 
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2020.09.14 20:55 Ayden_Walkway I had the most stereotypical “That guy” in my group for two years.

 Okay so in high school I started a dnd club. It was basically just a way for me to use the school’s library since it was big and had nice tables. When it started we had 8 or 9 people come to the character building day and most aren’t around anymore but there are a few who will be important to the rest of the story, so I’ll be calling then by their classes. We had me The Bard, a Female Druid, A paladin who was the druids boyfriend and then we had That guy who from now on I’ll be calling Blood hunter because that’s what he was playing for our starter game. The first flag appeared when he made a few blatant homophobic jokes but it wasn’t to bad because at the time a lot of us assumed he was gay or at least bi due to a few things about how he presented himself. When we got to stats our Dm let us roll and we all rolled pretty well but he said that he was gonna leave early and he’d roll them at home so when he got to the session next week he had, two 18s, three 16s and his lowest stat was a 13. So it was obvious that he had just faked then in order to be main character worthy. So we begin with Hoard of the Dragon Queen and the few small adventures that you do to get started in that campaign. When we hit the first playing session it was abundantly clear how he was going to play. He began the night with some talk of his interest in Trump and all the beliefs he had revolving around the idea of how he thinks gay people should know what they are doing wrong. This was a big red flag because more then a few of us are part of the LGBTQ community. We asked him to not talk about politics but over the year and a half he would continue to bring it up and be more obviously problematic at the table. We got to the first book session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen and he was starting with killing everyone that he saw and being generally stand offish to all the NPCs and when another player tried to do a voice he would laugh and be very demeaning to them. Any time he would get in trouble or we would ask him to stop fighting with the NPCs he just responded with the cursed saying “It’s what my character would do.” Over all the first 10 or 15 sessions went well with him only really doing things in combat and playing on his phone when Roleplay would be happening. But everything took a turn for the worst when I decided I wanted to Dm my own game and I invited a few people from the main game. It needs to be said that The Paladin and The Blood Hunter we’re best friends, because when I invited The Paladin and Druid he brought The Blood Hunter along with him. Now begins his true transformation into a real “That Guy”. I ran my games with a big emphasis on the rule of cool since I was a new Dm and I loved homebrew things so you can kind of see where something like that can be used to make a fun thing bad. So I let them pick anything and everything as long as I read it, The Blood Hunter was a Female monk and I can’t remember the subclass but it was homebrew. So when it all started he began a combat by saying he would be getting bonuses to his attacks because they were goblins. And I said okay thinking it was a subclass thing and then in a different combat he said that he wanted to spend a round figuring out what the enemies were and when he did he used the later rounds to say he was now able to have bonuses to attacking these creatures. When I asked him about it he said his character was a researcher so anything he researched he would have bonuses to attacking them. I put a stop to that quickly and he had to remake the character out of the book because he was showing me one thing and putting something different on the sheet. So now we get into why the Druid and the Paladin are important. At the beginning of the summer The Blood Hunter had began doing some questionable things around the Druid. Like making overly sexual jokes about her and making jokes aimed at her then more secretive bisexuality. This ended with The Paladin getting mad and ya as a group leaving him alone for the summer. Later he would go in to describe his ideal woman to be very short, long blonde or read hair, she can’t wear pants or shorts only skirts and dresses, she can’t like video games or anything like that, she can’t work or have a job, and she would have to cook and cook every night. So yeah over all a pretty creepy and misogynistic view of how a woman should be treated. He escalated to a point where at a New Years party where we had a long session he sat down next to another girl who had joined and was grabbing at her thigh. She laughed the first time but then she got uncomfortable with the following times and other small things he was doing. I ended up stepping in and making him move to the other side of the table. With all that being said I can’t just skip over the sanitation problem he had he would very commonly put all his dice in his mouth and then slowly spit them back on the table leaving puddles of spit that grossed out everyone and he would still use the dice rolling them on my mat and over my table. The worst thing he ever did at the table was when he chose to down a 44oz Dr. Pepper and then he later threw up a little on himself and he just rubbed it into his shirt. So to get to the end of this long story of creepy and gross acts I had started my second campaign and he seemed to change he was pretty okay and made an actually interesting character it was a Kenku archer and he role played him really well. Then we got to a part where a big story character had sent then all 100 gold and a small item that they would want and he got a scroll of fly because Kenku. He used that to say that his character would fly as high as he could and would forget to come down. Basically he killed his character and then asked if he could play a rogue, we already had one and she was playing it fine but he thought she was being to social and that he would show her how a rogue is played. This made me really mad because I had written things for his character later in the game and for him to just kill him off because he was board really made me mad, and then making fun of a person for playing a character how they wanted to was also to much so after that I told him that he won’t be able to play until my next game. From then on he hasn’t been back and when the Paladin invites him to play a one shot with us he now claimed his dad is being difficult. In the end he’s still the same and from what I hear now that I’ve graduated high school he’s gotten worse about the homophobia and racism. 
Well that’s the end of my story on the real That Guy that ended up at my table for almost two years. I’m willing to answer any questions that anyone may have.
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2020.09.14 13:20 ToddHackwrench Are female characters more sexualized than male characters in video games?

I have read a lot of comments about how people are tired of seeing sexualized females in video games. They often claim that females always have more skimpy armors in video games compared to male characters. Is that claim true? Well, let's see.
- Mortal Kombat X and 11 = Fully clothed females, even the 'monstrous" ones like Sheeva VS bare chested men and loincloth Khan
-Soul Calibur 6 = Dominatrix Ivy, Sophitia, Tira (After armor break, the females retain most of their clothing, and are still pretty modest) VS GIMP Jockstrap Voldo, Speedo Astaroth and speedo Azwel (after armor break, most males lost most of their armor and become completely topless. Some of them are even goes so far to be reduced to their underwear like fundoshi mitsurugi, speedo Azwel, and Voldo)
-Street fighter 5= Some sexy costumes for Laura and Chunli, but most of female costumes are modest VS Sexy Ryu, most other barechested men, speedo(?) Urien, Necalli, etc
-Tekken 7 = Male fundoshi
-For Honor = All completely armored females VS Always Shirtless Raider. Also kicking groin is fine but not accidentaly touching breast.
-Civilization 6= Mostly questionable female leaders choice with modest clothings VS Some Topless and ripped male leaders.
-God of War and Prince of Persia shirtless Protagonists
-Assassin Creed Origin = Shirtless male protagonist vs armored female protagonist.
-Monster Hunter world = You can create a man wearing only speedo with layered armor, you can't do the same with woman though.
-Most MMOs usually have the same amount sexy costumes (Inner armors or Underwears) for both male and female, but males most of the times are actually more exposed than females in MMOs (Only wearing speedos, Thong fundoshi in Vindictus and TERA, etc)
-Suikoden Tierkreis (JRPG!) = most male characters are topless, while all the females are fully clothed
-Shining force Exa (JRPG! ) = Males with revealing armors + very submissive shota with very short pants VS Completely modestly dressed female casts.
-Nier Automata= 2B's Butt VS Completely nude and topless Adam and Eve
-There are many topless bonus costumes in RE series for men (especially for gay Christ Redfield)
-Xenoverse 1 and 2 = Topless speedo man (not surprising since male nudity is far more prevalent in DBZ than the non existing female nudity)
-L4D2= Male hospital patient zombies with exposed butts VS female zombies with censored (completely black) skirt.
-Devil May Cry 5 = Yes, there are nude models of Trish and lady but they are censored and not playable VS Nero's playable demon form which is essentialy a nude man with naked butt. and also the infamous nude scene of DMC remake.
If you know more, you can post it here.
It is not just games, it is also prevalent in "fanservice" animes like Konosuba and Darling in the franxx. And just so you know, it is completely acceptable in japan to show completely nude boy, but not girl (see Doraemon and DBZ). It is also true for hollywood, you can show penis completely but not vagina. In most of full frontal female nudity scenes, they cover the vagina with some kind of wax covering.
Lastly, what i find most hypocritical of all (especially on Reddit) is how when there are posts about sexy male characters, most comments are praising and drooling over said sexyness (But Male power Fantassy!!!!!1!) and it got lots of upvotes. but if you post about sexy female characters, you will get downvoted and mocked. What a clown world.
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2020.09.14 08:55 CrashKeyss What are some lesser known Resident Evil facts/tricks you think more people should be aware of?

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2020.09.14 03:01 aBaDDie7779 I'm exhausted

So I'm a barista at Starbucks. I was hired on September 1st and just worked my first shift alone. This shift was only three hours long and it was from 4-7. And I just had the worst shift imaginable. I got there and there was easily 20-30 people in the store. Mind you I work at a relatively small store and with the pandemic, we only allow 6 people inside at a time. So I order and go to the back to get ready. At around 30 minutes into my shift, I made a refresher for a woman and then around 5 minutes after she left, she walks back in shouting that she didn't order this and she wants a refund. So the girl at the register has me remake her drink WHICH WAS THE SAME FUCKING REFRESHER. And then the woman had me walk her through it cause I'm 16 and its pretty obvious that I'm new and young. So I did that and she tried it and said it was amazing and left. *insert me screaming internally here*. Then I had to make someone a hot latte and when I went to put on the lid, I SPILT THE ENTIRE THING ALL OVER MYSELF. So after this my shift manager sees that I'm visibly frustrated so she pulls me aside and says "Hey why don't you go to the back, take a breather and restock some stuff. It's been a long day." So context, I'm the kind if person to bottle everything up and cry it out all at once. So what do I do? I go to the back and cry hehehe. So to my fellow baristas, how do I get motivated to actually go back later this week, cause I'm both mentally and physically d r a i n e d ?
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2020.09.13 09:56 justingreg [SPOILERS S3] How do you compare/rank each season?

First, I am a big fan of the show and I’d easily rank it one of my favorite shows I’ve ever watched. I also re-watched the series several times and have deeply invested in each characters. That said, I do have different feelings and opinions about each season and I’d like to know what y’all think. I’d rank Season 2 > Season 1 > Season 3.
Season 1, especially episodes 3-6 tend to be on the slower side and leave the audience at lost. And that explains why a lot of people didn’t stay past episode 6. For me starting episode 7 or 8 the show became the real deal, especially when Ulrich started time travel to 1953 and I started to empathize with this character and Jonas. A lot of important and crazy events start to unfold from here. That’s when I started to binge watch as the show became sooo intriguing.
I’d say Season 2 is flawless and the most powerful season of the show. You start to see in-depth development of many characters, the bolts and nuts of time travels, their personal relationships, their fates as well as everything that leads to the apocalypse. The pace is perfect. The arrangement of each day leading to the apocalypse is also clever. We see in-depth developments of many brilliant characters and their relationships, especially Claudia, Hannah, Egon, ill-fated Ulrich, Jonas, Noah, etc and we started to empathize with their fates. I particularly love seeing how Claudia evolves from an egocentric woman to a sentimental mother and daughter, a determined problem solver and fighter with many of her life struggles displayed throughout the season. Season-2 Episode 6 takes us to the climax of the season where we see young Jonas travels back to June 2019 to save his father. That episode is epic.
Season 3 basically unfolds a lot of events, introduces the alternative world and how everything originates. While this season is great in that it completes the story with a satisfying ending and have a few impactful scenes, I wouldn’t rank it as high as Season 2 or the later part of Season 1 for a few reasons. There are just too many characters and events from the two parallel worlds they try to pack in 8 episodes, which easily loses focus and character development. The too many alternative Marthas and Jonas inevitably confuse things at its best. I can’t be less concerned with Martha’s fate due to a lack of meaningful development of this character —- innocent then ruthless and nothing else, that’s all it shows to me. Same for young and adult Jonas, he seems to pretty much just follow whoever leads him —- too much of a disconnect with Adam. Martha’s love with Jonas in the alternative world is just superficial and groundless. I followed the plot, but I felt I ended up spending most of the time on figuring out all the events and connecting the dots. The character and plot development pales in comparison with season 2 and season 1.
If I were to remake Season 3, I’d probably reduce the number of Marthas and Jonas, and also reduce the repeating events in the alternative world ( the events are similar to Season 1, so why would the audience want to follow or appreciate the same suspense again?). Instead, I would perhaps focus on one or two striking events that are drastically different ( or even the opposite) from the first world to keep the audience engaged. Perhaps one episode focusing on how Jonas became Adam, and how Claudia gradually solved the puzzle.
The ending scene is satisfying, but I didn’t feel the needed emotional connection with Martha and Jonas as I should have from their sacrifice. Season 3 seems to rush on filling the holes and tries too hard to cover too many characters and events which ends up becoming less impactful and intriguing than it deserves. As a result, by the end of Season 3, I can’t really recall any character that gains more meaningful development.
I’d love to hear your thoughts.
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2020.09.10 23:41 DynamoJonesJr There is no getting around it; Mass Effect Andromeda is a poor game.

It seems like every year since the game came out there is hot debate about whether the game is 'really that bad' and if it 'deserves another shot with fresh eyes' and I'm going to say: It's pretty damn bad and it isn't really worth the time it asks of you.
First and foremost my full disclosure that I'm a huge Trilogy and extended universe fan. The first 3 mass effect games were not perfect but on balance as collection I can't think of a more impactful trilogy of games or a more well crafted sci-fi universe.
When Andromeda was announced I had mixed feelings. Sure I wanted a new Mass Effect game because I loved the franchise, but I did question if I needed a new Mass Effect game. Was I really ready to re-invest my attention, love and time into a new cast of character who almost certainly wouldn't be as memorable as the first?
I decided to just accept that I'd play it sooner or later so I wanted to give it a chance, I wanted to try and build cautious excitement for it. I should probably also say I completely ignored the development 'backlash' re-the facial animations and the Ess-Jay-Dubyoo reactionary shit. I never let these things colour my opinion of a game. Not FF7 Remake, not TLOU2 and certainly not a Mass Effect game.
So when I finally got the game I really wanted to give it a fair shake, despite there being things right off the bat I didn't like.
I really didn't like the opening, it felt cold, disconnected and frankly kind of rushed. I found it hard to get invested in the Ryders because they frankly just lack the subtle charm of Shepard. I also was not crazy about the 'Important Father' plot device that annoyed me in Fallout 3. But I stuck with it.
Then, finally after about 25ish hours into the game I gave up. I was bored and I saw no reason to keep playing. Andromeda was the first game I ever returned after getting halfway through it. I left it feeling angry both that I wasn't able to see the game through and that I wasted time trying to like it in the first place.
It wasn't the worst game I ever played, but it was a pointless, messy slog that missed the mark on basically everything that made the Trilogy special.
The Story
Now I think I should mentioned that I didn't find the story of the original Trilogy to be anything groundbreaking. It was a fairly standard 'ancient evil' action-adventure. But what made it stand out was the world building, and the story-telling. Andromeda lazily tries to re-hash the entire story of the Trilogy into one game and sacrifices any sincere attempt at world building which leaves the conflict feeling weightless.
When i played the Original Universe I felt I was part of a living breathing universe that was turning and developing independent of me. Andromeda had me colonizing empty, boring, barren planets in a universe devoid of any life or personality while I fought the most insultingly one-note B-movie race of 'baddie aliens' the Kett.
There is no getting around it, the Kett suck. They have no proper introduction so for a lot of the game you're wondering why the hell you are shooting at them other than the fact they are shooting at you. This is where I start disregarding arguments that it's a good game but just 'not a good mass effect game'. No. The Kett are just bad sci-fi villians, they belong in an a retro arcade shoot em up like Galaga, not in a Triple A franchise of any genre. But because they ARE apart of Mass Effect you are left wondering how they went from Saren to that.
The Characters
I honestly don't hate the all of the cast of Andromeda that much. I really don't like Ryder, but then shepard casts a large shadow. Liam or Cora bored me but then so did Kaiden, Ashley, Jacob and Miranda.
Peebee was tolerable but kind of annoying and a clear pandering to the 'bet you can't wait to romance her!' crowd. Drak was okay, but I couldn't shake the feeling that if he was in the original Trilogy he'd be a quest giver character with maybe 20 mins of dialogue, and for that he just feels like a stretched out extra.
Vetra was my favourite. Garrus and the Turian race in general set high expectations with their unique writing and development and I think Verta did the race proud. She was funny, relatable and probably the only one who I looked forward to talking to, or was interested in what she thought.
Jaal sucked. I hated Jaal. Similar to the Kett he feels like watered down versions of what was interesting in the OT specifically Javik and Thane. Jaal is nowhere near as interesting or unique as either of them, precisely because he is so shamelessly modelled after them in personality and character. Apart from the annoying passive-aggressive Scottish religious woman I can't for the life of me remember any other character, so they must not have stood out.
The Gameplay
Let's talk about the combat! This is the 'saving grace' of the game isn't it? It's so expansive and customizable, and it gets back to the more RPG roots of ME1, right?
Well, no. The combat is indeed more developed and there is far more freedom between class powers but this doesn't nessecarily make the game more fun when you look at the context it grants you these freedoms. Yes you have more powers to play around with, but when you spend you time fighting waves and waves of cookie cutter Kett mooks and the occasional bullet sponge charging beast the combat loses its tension.
Mass Effect OT had fairly simple combat in terms of functions but there was thought out map design for each encounter. When I was pinned down by enemy fire and being actively flanked by foes who could do some real damage up close I was having fun, I had to think on my feet, I had to think about which team mate could assist and from which angle. I had less freedom but more engagement.
In Andromeda if any enemy is giving me trouble I can leap out of danger or abuse some poorly designed structure or landscape to cheese combat encounters. No tension or excitement just different way to throw colorful effects at repetitive enemies.
This also becomes more glaring when you realise just how much damn combat you go through. Because of the nature of the planets and the awful 'go there, kill that' quests you burn yourself out on the encounters and fighting just becomes a slog. Combat encounters in mass effect should never feel like 'gameplay filler' they are supposed to immerse you in the dangerous world. Andromeda just plays like a subpar looter shooter. Nothing has any meaning.
Being a vast open universe isn't enough if there isn't places I want to explore. I spent time reading about planets in the original 3 games because the universe was bursting with character, it made the lore something to give a shit about. Andromeda just has worlds the look like standard video game levels.
Again I want it to be known I don't think Andromeda is the worst game ever made, I just think it fails to do what it's trying to do. There might have been an acceptable sci-fi romp game in there somewhere but the execution was terrible. And because of it, the series is literally dead now.
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2020.09.08 18:55 Dragonfire9000 Why it’s worth a second full play through not just for hard mode. [SPOILERS]

A.N. I have minor dyslexia and use word. Really wish I didn’t have to type this but there are some people who pull up my grammar as a means to win arguments…
Ok so it’s been about 5 to 6 months since the release of the re-make I think and since then I’ve picked the original back up due to game pass ultimate on Xbox one. I’m actually gonna re-play my save of the Re-make from the beginning as there are sevral subtle hints along with the clearer ones that things aren’t as they seem.
So we all know that the remake has… a lot of time travel shenanigans going on. Namura’s pretty mush righting a new version Ff7 with similar story beats.
I am Ok with this and like the idea. if I want the original story I can play the original on game pass… I am doing now. (I’m actually having a lot of fun as I’m going for the bromance date and seeing Tifa and Aerith’s reactions as being side-lined is hilarious.)
However, I recently watched a scene of the remake in the park, the one with Cloud and Aerith. There’s a few moments that are subtle that reveal that Aerith knows more than what she’s letting on.
Ok so before I point them out by the end it’s revealed that both Sephiroth and Aerith know of future events. If you’ve played kingdom Hearts 3 then you should catch on to this but Nomura seems to enjoy the prospect of vessel time travel.
By that I mean, sending ones mind back in time to an earlier point and “possessing” yourself. You have knowledge of how events should play out and if there not favourable then you can try to alter them.
Both Aerith and sephiroth could have used this method of time travel or something similar since Aerith’s will literally becomes the mind of the planet after FF7.
Now on to the moments. In the original
They clime the animal slide and talk for a while, Aerith asks what class Cloud is and he says First Class, after having a mental spasm. She says “just like him” (white flash in the game.) but refuses to speak on it further. she get’s him talking and because of that when Tifa’s carriage rolls by cloud is to far away to catch up and Aerith asks in surprise “wait, that Tifa?” because he is unable to talk to Tifa he assumes she is in danger and goes after her.
They clime the animal slide and talk for a while, Aerith clarifies that Cloud is a soldier First Class and he agrees. She says “just like him” and decides to push him by saying “Zack”, this causes Cloud to have a mental spasm. She immediately stops and shows him the hidden passage to sector 7, however she blocks the passage to say her goodbye just long enough so that when Tifa’s carriage rolls by Cloud is close enough to catch up and ask her what’s happening. When she assures him she’s be fine it’s Aerith who says he is going to go and rescue her.
In the original her knowledge of Don Corneo is limited and in the remake her knowledge of the same man is so much so that she despises him.
I know it’s old news that Aerith time travelled but it’s interesting to see the subtle movements she’s making in comparison to the bold ones of Sephiroth. Even going as far as to attempt to break Cloud’s brainwashing early. To prod and push the boundaries without going to far.
It’s clear Aerith has a goal in mind and that the goal is not far from the original time line. She’s doing everything in her power to change things, without causing a butterfly effect.
There’s even a scene in the remake you can get where she flat-out says she doesn’t want Cloud to fall for her. In the original she had moved on and saw Cloud as a potential love interest. However she has the mind of someone who has probably seen hundreds and hundreds of years.
My guess is that she didn’t mean to time travel. By that I mean it wasn’t her who instigated it. more she is a response to Sephiroth. There is an analogy about time travel. “when you break a cup, no matter how hard you try the pieces are never going to fit perfectly back together. There are always going to be fractures.”
Sephiroth is trying to break the cup for some reason, Aerith knows she can’t return time back to the state it once was, instead hoping to put it as close as possible.
What she wants is the planet to be saved but in a new way, while also trying to remove the events that led to her death. By saying Zack’s name she wanted to see if she could break Cloud’s mental triggers early, no triggers means Sephiroth does not het the black materia at the temple of the ancients. The only reason she doesn’t outright say, “I’m from the future and you were never really in soldier.” Is she knows what the outcome of that would be and cloud is still needed in the here and now.
Instead she’s testing the waters while trying to keep close to the original timeline. She has had a lot of time to think of the outcomes and only one chance to change things. And if it messes up then it’ll be a long time before there is a “Do over” if there is even one.
So I plan to run through the remake after I’ve played the original to see how many subtle “I know what’s about to happen…” moments.
If anyone else has spotted other subtle moments feel free to point them out.
Editorial note
My fiancée pointed this one out to me.
Side note, she’s the FF7 expert and I’m the FF9 expert since I jumped on the nomura train at 9 and she did at 7, also she’s a massive Zack Fair fan.
Exposition notes
Before I get started I’m going to pull a piece of dialog from the DC animated movie. “flashpoint”
Eobard Thorn
“break the sound barrier, and there’s a sonic boom… you broke the time barrier flash, time boom…”
Whether it was planned or not in most instances of time travel have this effect. Even when time is meant to be fixed it’s never quite the same, this is that time boom.
For example, Back to the future, the time boom is Marty going in to the past, the outcome is he almost wipes out his own existence creating a paradox. In fixing it he returns to what looks like his time but has been altered due to the “broken cup” theory I mentioned before.
Example 2 – DBZ – a good example of why time travel is a horrible idea and the cause and effect of a “time boom”, how could giving one man heart medication and a heads up of an incoming threat cause three whole extra androids, four if you count the bug.
Now, when I showed this post to her last night she said it makes sense given it’s been in other media before. For example the last season of Red Vs Blue used the whole mind jacking yourself to fix paradoxes.
However it gives a horrifying notion since the possessed individual takes a back seat or worst case scenario your killing your past self to inhabit your past body…
Now firstly I’ll pose a question to you, and I do know the answer…ish. The whispers are arbiters of fate and it’s fair to say they exist in the past, present and future simultaneously. They make sure that any changes created by the first time boom are rectified.
But you destroy them? What happened in that moment? By destroying them you create what is essentially a time paradox, they made sure you reached this point and in doing so you can’t have reached this point because they exist in all time at the same time.
You in essence put time in what’s known as a Schrodinger’s cat paradox. You have both have and have not reached this point, Barret both died to his wounds at the top of the Shinra building and did not.
So what happens when time is stuck in a paradox so bad that it can’t be fixed. Time boom. The death of the whispers results in the second time boom as the “scripted” future is destroyed however the past which has already been written makes no sense. Correct? However there is one thing that’s been staring us in the face.
Before I continue I just want to add I am on the fence about Zack fair, he could be alive in another timeline or he could be alive in this one, I both expect the opening of part 2 to start with Zack walking towards Midgar as it starts raining and a helicopter to land with 3 shinra elite soldiers getting off to finish the job.

end of crisis core
Or it to be revealed in a later date that Zack is alive. However my fiancée has ideas on that theory.
Ok so what happens when all of time collapses, you’ve just killed the only thing that keeps the past, present and future in check? You’d think that would be the end of all reality but no.
Reality is more resilient than that.
As reality repairs itself it chains together missing events with catches that allow the people who destroyed the arbiters to survive without needing the arbiters. However this drastic change for every fixed alteration is the cause of a second time boom one that’s been staring us in the face this entire time.
I once said that the wrapper we see is not the indication of an alternative timeline. The “stamps character” is both a food mascot and a character part of Shinra TV propaganda to promote war with Wutai.
A little detail here, the material that crisp packets are made from is non-biodegradable and also heavily resistant to the wear and tear of time itself. In the scenes with Zack we see one of these packages however it’s not the Beagle but a terrier.

print screen from youtube, sorry for bad quality.
Why is this important well firstly if the material can stand the test of time then it stands to reason that packet is not from the here and now of Zack fighting. Midgar’s lower level, first and foremost is a literal garbage dump. Filled with things the people up top do not want nor care to want.
Secondly, the Stamps paraphernalia is based off a “real” in game dog. By that I mean he’s in the Shinra building at the time of the Wutai war up to present day, I’m not saying it’s the same dog, just that whoever the Stamps dog is at the time, Shinra owns him.
A terrier is a small dog. And in the image he is not a young dog but an old loyal war dog an officer for the troops to follow. It could be that the stamps on the wrapper could have gone past his prime and given the climate change with the war won in shinra’s favour, perhaps shinra opted to change the Stamps character to go from this dog wearing an officers cap to the one we see though out the game, a beagle puppy acting as a military rescue hound.
Now on to my fiancee’s idea. whispers are defeated, second time boom happens… a soldier misfires his shot, the release clamps fail to activate on a missile causing a chopper to go down. Just enough events change causing Zack Fair to survive his ordeal enough to come out of it in a better shape than he did in the original timeline, there are no whispers.
As he stands there, surprised to see he’s alive amongst the carnage and the weight of the shinra army that was brought on to him, a man has two choices. He can ignore his surroundings and continue on to Midgar to the first place the Shinra electric company will look. Or, he can look at all the soldiers and equipment and reflect on his past.
I would think given the extensive manhunt shinra underwent to find Angeal, Zack would come to this conclusion. “there never going to stop unless they think I’m dead, or assume I’m dead.” And so, he takes Cloud in to Midgar, not to find Aerith, instead he opts to disappear. He knows full well just how far Shinra will go, he knows that if he shows up on Aerith’s doorstep, they’ll use him to get to her. Staying away from her isn’t a solution because shinra “finds a way” for what they want, they always do.
So, he leaves Cloud in someone’s care and opts to do the one thing he knows would work in this scenario. The only way Shinra is going to stop is if there made to stop. And the only way to do that is to bring down what they hold dear. Money, wealth and influence.
In the original FF7, Avalanche has a small base in a bar that you accessed via a pinball machine. In the remake, Barret’s avalanche is a cell. While the mayor funds the operation, there’s a middle man who knows a lot about shinra, knows how they’ll respond to what type of incident and knows what kind of reaction to make.
But is he, they have a tap on shinra’s network, so they know a warehouse is being raided and shinra is sending in reinforcements. They’re reported as, 3 men and one woman, and as their details come in one of them causes the commanding officer of this Avalanche cell to realise who’s being described.
“Zero concentration, and like a puppy he never calms down.” – Angeal’s mother to Zack
Keep in mind Barret openly says that they are just one Cell of Avalanche, and while the mayor is there DeFacto leader there Is no way he’s going to be able to run the logistics and strategy of every avalanche cell from his office in Shinra HQ.
She pointed something out to me, “why did one of the other Avalanche cells come to rescue of Cloud, Biggs Wedge & Jessie when it was at the end of the day an unsanctioned raid on a munitions warehouse”
As I sat and thought I wondered that, Barret’s cell isn’t well liked, they act autonomously most of the time and even in a rescue op cobbled together at the last minute, there are going to be casualties. To choose to rescue another cell means your own plans might get scuppered. The men who rescued them are also well trained unlike barret’s group. So whoever there commanding officer is. He’s well trained, but willing to risk his own troops for strangers.
But is he, they have a tap on shinra’s network, so they know a warehouse is being raided and shinra is sending in reinforcements. They’re reported as, 3 men and one woman, and as their details come in one of them causes the commanding officer of this Avalanche cell to realize who’s being described.
A common trope in fiction is commanding officers giving orders that make no sense to do so because a friend or loved one is in danger.
My fiancee’s part of this theory made sense to me. At least to put it as a “maybe” but I’m open to all possibilities because the writers are kinda “anything can happen…”

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2020.09.06 22:22 clarahue My Horrible Homophobic Roommate

I (F21) attended a Christian University in 2016. I have always gone to Christian schools because of my religious family, but haven’t considered myself Christian for a long time. I didn’t really know what I was doing with my life, so I agreed to go to a Christian University that my mother suggested.
At University, I was living in this townhouse style dorm with 7 other girls (one girl was our RA and three years older). This is when I first met my roommate. We’ll call her Sharron. I was terrified for University. This was my first year living on my own, only 17. I had never shared a room before. I’m an introverted person and like my own space. I’m also extremely self-conscious and don’t like changing in front of other people. Upon meeting Sharron, my first impression of her was that she talked a lot.
On maybe the second day, all the first years when to the town’s waterfront, this was just so that we could hang out and get to know each other. My dorm was all sitting together talking, and I guess we got on the topic of Mamma Mia. I remember Sharron saying it was her favourite movie, but she hated the gay side story (which I had forgotten about). This was my first red flag that Sharron was homophobic.
One of the worst things she said happened pretty early on. I remember it was me, her, and our RA. We were just talking, and then Sharron said that LGBT people commit suicide because being LGBT is wrong/sin/not what God intended. I was so shocked. I didn’t know what to say. Despite going to Christian schools my whole life, I had never met someone who hated LGBT people so blatantly as Sharron. She’d just bring up the subject so randomly whenever she pleased, just to talk about how wrong it was and how it disgusted her. This was all happening while I was starting to realize that I was a lesbian to make matters worse.
This was right when the Disney live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast was coming out. Sharron loved Disney. She was excited to see it. She talked about it positively non-stop. Then the news that Lefu being gay came out, and her attitude change drastically. She wanted nothing to do with the movie. She talked nonstop about how she hated that choice, and this was bad for kids, etc. She did eventually end up seeing it and was grateful for how small a part of the movie it was and that she didn’t have to watch a gay kiss. She had the same sort of feelings regarding Deadpool. She really liked the first movie, but when she found out Deadpool was bi/pan, she was disgusted and didn’t want a sequel. I remember having to explain pansexuality to her because she had never heard of the word before. Another time I had to explain to her that the term gay was sometimes used as an umbrella term when she had gotten confused after reading an article where a woman referred to herself as gay. One time I overheard her and another girl in my dorm talking about how the word gay was like stolen from the ‘straights’ because it used to mean happy (IDK).
When I describe Sharron now, I describe her to be very talkative. This girl was always talking. She was very needy, and since I was her roommate, she’d always talk to me. I, however, did not want anyone talking to me, as I am extremely introverted and need time alone. I’d often put on my headphone without listening to anything in hopes she wouldn’t talk to me. But she’d still talk to me. Even if I was listening to something with my headphone on, she’d talk to me. I ended up pretending to go to bed early just to shut her up.
Another thing about Sharron was that she was a boy obsessed. She wanted a boyfriend. No, she thought she needed a boyfriend. Honestly, she acted like she was in high school, like grade 9. She’d go from a crush on one guy to another. She’d obsess over them. It was very childish.
She was just childish, in general. When she had a bad day, she’d come home and slam her door so loud it shook the house. If it was a gloomy day outside, she would instantly be in a sad mood over it. She was good friends with this one girl in our dorm, and if the other girl didn’t wake up when she usually did, Sharron would knock on her door to wake her up. Sharron would be knocking on her door even if she didn’t have a class that day. It got so bad that the girl had to ask her to stop.
Two similar stories that happened were one time we were making supper together for the dorm, and we decided to make pancakes. I don’t know exactly what happened, but somehow we made the pancakes extremely runny, and they were not salvageable. This made Sharron really upset. We threw out the batter and made new ones, but Sharron was still in her bad mood. She was flipping these pancakes, all while huffing. Eventually, I turned to her and said, “Do you need a moment because I can make these on my own, and you can go.” She thanked me and went downstairs, where she promptly cried over pancakes! The other instance was when I was making cookies, and Sharron saw me making them and got really upset because she was going to make cookies. I really didn’t see the problem with that. Like she could still make cookies. Me making cookies wasn’t stopping her from making more.
I don’t remember the specific of this story quite as well. Let’s say at the beginning of a week, Sharron told me that her older sister was going to come over to visit, which was fine by me. By Wednesday, Sharron told me her sister was sleeping over on Friday and wanted to sleep in the room with her. Sharron told me they probably would be up all night talking. I had a night lecture that day, so I knew I’d be tired when I got home. I decided to sleep in an extra bed in one of the other girl’s rooms. Now I like planning. I don’t like a spur of the moment things. Friday morning, I had moved anything I needed to sleep into the other room. Right before my night lecture, one of the girls in my dorm tells me that Sharron’s sister isn’t coming anymore. I don’t know why I was pissed off by this. Maybe because I had planned all for her sister to come and then she didn’t. I ended up sleeping in the other girl’s room and called my mom the next morning to rant about it. Even my mom thought it was weird how her Sharron’s sister felt the need to sleep in the room with Sharron. Especially since she was like 2 years older, you think she’d just sleep in our living room. Maybe they could have a sleep there together if they wanted to stay up all night talking.
So yeah, that’s the stories about Sharron I can remember. I have other stories from my time at this Christian University, but they don’t compare to my horrible roommate.
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2020.09.06 16:25 SpicyYakisoba I hate fire emblem. So here are some unpopular opinions for most of the games.

Indeed, this is inspired by the similar post a few days ago. Warning, hot or even potentially bad takes ahead.
Fe1: this game is really fun. Because of low caps and powerful statboosters, using meme units is super fun. There are also a lot of wacky stuff like promoting Chiki and Chainy’s animations that make it even more fun.
Fe3: this game has a great world and characters. Idk what about Archanea is so interesting, but I can see these characters and situations in a campy story or a dark one. While many characters are very simple or don’t have a lot if any lines, I feel more like i’m controlling soldiers in an army with their own allegiances and factions. This is most apparent with the Wolfguard, who you fight in book 2 simply due to their allegiance. You may have been on their side in book 1, but the situation has changed. Fe3 is also superior to fe12, but i’m not sure how unpopular of an opinion that is.
Fe4: This game isn’t very good.
Alright, time for criticism: i’m not just talking gameplay, either. It’s got plenty of gameplay problems like of course giant maps and horses, but it’s story also has many problems, even part 1. Eldigan, Sigurd, and Quan’s friendship is never shown, just told. “Hm hello good friend Sigurd! Remember the vow we made in high school that said we would always be friends forever and ever? We would never break that!” The game also opens up with an exposition dump. A lot of that could be cut, as it doesn’t matter to the general beginning. All you needed to say was “this is jugdral. It’s dictated by holy weapons and the families that hold them. Here in Chalphy, the main army is off at war, when the Lord’s son, Sigurd, has to deal with a sudden bandit attack from nearby forest country Verdane.” Don’t go into the whole Isaach war thing, none of that. Also: Arvis. He needs more screen time for the viewer to understand. I honestly have very vague ideas of his motives and character in the first gen, does he want to rule the continent? Is he Loptyrian? Why would he work with them in the first place, he should realize they don’t care about him if they are literally using him to rebirth their god. Arvis is confusing in gen 1. And gen 2... gen 2 just isn’t that good. It’s just Seliph clean sweeping Loptyr off the continent for 6 chapters straight. The Thracia stuff is kinda cool, but that’s very little of it and the main enemy is still the Loptyrians. Seliph constantly needs Lewyn (which it isn’t explained how he survives unless you see a very hidden cutscene, which is just bad writing for something so crucial) to explain the situation to him and the player, and it’s just not very interesting or intriguing. There’s also a lot of... interesting writing choices. What was the point of Miletos? Why would Ishtar reasonably love Julius? Why are the substitutes more interesting as characters than the main children? Fe4’s gameplay and story are just a mess... which makes me hyped for a remake to see some of these problems ironed out.
Fe5: unlike fe4, i don’t have any super hot takes for this one. I guess my hottest take is that Finn is better than Safy and Asvel, due to his large range of utility as a capturer, killer, rescuer, and his availability. While Safy i feel loses some points later on due to the influx of staff bots all with better perks, like weapons and no training, or how since asvel has low hp and low durability of Grafcalibur you really only use him to specifically kill bosses or clear out large groups of enemies and try not to fatigue or break his weapon.
TearRing Saga: This game has the best cast of characters in the series. Characters are explored in events, conversations, and banquets which help develop these characters while still feeling natural. Supports have a problem of feeling very robotic and static due to not being affected by the current story or events since they can happy at any point before or after said event. TRS’ cast isn’t equal in development, which I like. Norton, Narron and Lionel are significantly less developed than characters like Zieg, Kate, Sierra and Shigen, and that’s ok. in war, there are people who don’t have grand dramatic motivations, or deep philosophical opinions on life, some people are just soldiers. Despite that, these relatively normal people still get a bit of time to be shown as people, like Norton and Lionel sitting down for a drink and talking about their families back home, or Narron’s potential connection to Ernst. That’s another thing, a lot is left up to interpretation , allowing fans to theorize and discuss these characters even more. My favorite theory is Leonie being Mintz’s daughter. Leonie develops a crush on the womanizer Mintz in the end of the game. However, Mintz tries hard to burn the bridges she’s building, which doesn’t seem in character. However, in a village in chapter 18 he has a special convo with a woman who has some prior romantic relationship with Mintz and she’s angry with him for leaving her. Due to her similiar looks with Leonie, it’s highly possible Mintz... should we say... nutted and bolted, and Leonie is the result of that. Mintz recognizes this, and doesn’t want Leonie to realize he’s actually her father because he doesn’t want to anger her. This game is filled with stuff like this, both more inferential and more direct, and it gives these characters a sense of connection and community other games don’t achieve.
Fe6: the support system sucks, and still hasn’t been fixed. Supports either take too long to build, they take not enough time to build, there aren’t enough, there are too many, and more. While supports are a very organized and easy way to tell a character’s... well, character, there are just flat out better and more fluid ways to tell a character than stopping the game to have two characters talk about their favorite food or world views. You can have similar talk conversations during battles, and many events... a la TRS. They also don’t have any connection to the story or others. Supports are always between 2 people, and due to the nature of supports happen separate from the story. Characters won’t react to the situation around them in supports. And because all development is left to these supports, characters don’t flourish in the main story itself, which could give them much more development.
Fe7: don’t got many hot takes for this one either. It’s generally accepted that the story is super messy, the characters are pretty good, and the gameplay has a lot of problems.
Fe8: Lyon is not that interesting. He’s just another dude possessed by a demon. He might be more interesting if Ephraim and Eirika weren’t really boring, but it’s hard to care about him losing himself to Formortiis if I don’t care about the people that do care about him losing himself.
Fe9: the story is forgettable. While individual moments and interactions are good, the overall plot is forgettable. It opens strong, with the greil mercs and Elincia running from Daein to Gallia... and then they go to begnion... restore Serenes... beat up daein... then beat up Daein in crimea. In a long, 30 chapter game, that’s a lot of battles. Yet, a lot of them just kinda feel like excuses. Like, if they removed the chapter where they’re attacked by Kilvas pirates on the way to Begnion we wouldn’t lose much. A lot of the chapters don’t feel directly impactful on the current plot, leaving the story kinda glazing outta my memory after a week since playing.
Fe10: The Blood pact isn’t stupid, at least in pelleas’ case. Pelleas is shown in part 1 to be a very bad ruler, and a poor fit. It only makes sense he’d be a dumbass and not read the terms of service before signing. While it may not have been the clash of ideals people wanted between Micaiah vs ike, that wouldn’t work either. Ike doesn’t have very strong political ideals. I doubt he’d hold a grudge against the majority of daein itself just because they invaded crimea. He’s been shown to judge people based on who they are and their skills, not their status or origin. Ike is just too different than Micaiah for them to have a battle of ideals. So the blood pact was probably the best way to force Micaiah to fight Ike. It also helps the tragedy of Pelleas’ death, showing that even when he tries to do something noble and kingly, he still fails and hurts people because of it.
Fe11: this game has the most replay value. This might not be an unpopular opinion, but with 5 difficulties, a huge roster of characters, very cheesable and simple gameplay, reclassing, infinite substitutes, it makes the game perfect for playing over and over again different each time. Again, not sure if that’s unpopular, but i don’t think it’s mentioned enough when talking about the game as a whole.
Fe12: Kris is the best avatar. That doesn’t make him a GOOD avatar, but much better than others. While he does have moments where he steals lines or changes convos from the original, i feel a lot of those situations make sense.this writeup i feel appropriately addresses the benefits of kris much better than I could here.
Fe13: I want to say it’s generally accepted this game sucks, but apparently people still think awakening is good. Awakening fucks with previous worldbuilding and lore with no explanations to explain said fucking with. It was so bad Grima had to be retconned into SoV’s story. That’s awful worldbuilding. The story isn’t very good, characters are pretty bland for the most part, gameplay is ass, what is there to like about it?
Fe14: Conquest isn’t as good as everyone says it is. People rate conquest highly due to it’s “tight” gameplay, but you’ve got to account for the whole picture. Many characters suck, less than Birthright but there are still a lot of bad characters. The game still has an awful world with no name, the game has a worse plot than Revelations and Birthright, Corrin still exists, and even the gameplay has it’s bumps. Like the map that’s just a long hallway jam packed with Faceless and ballist-I mean Golems. Or the fucking ninja map with it’s caltrops and grisly wound + Poison strike ninjas. For every chapter 10 defense map, there feels to be a BS map, like Endgame. Conquest isn’t that good, but it’s a bit better than Birthright and Revelations. But that’s like saying piss tastes better than shit. They both taste awful.
Fe15: I got nothing, this game is pretty sweet. No hot takes here, maps bad presentation good.
Fe16: It fundamentally fails. I could go into the messy story, the mediocre - bad gameplay, or the character flaws, but i think my hottest 3H take is how it fails fundamentally. The game heavily encourages replaying, which for fire emblem isn’t bad. Fire emblem is unique in how replayable it is. However, when you gate crucial aspects of the story and world behind multiple playthroughs, you gotta make sure the game is fun to replay. It’s not. White Clouds is the same on each path, and after the first playthrough, the monastery, arguably 40 hours of this 70 hour playthrough, gets incredibly tedious and boring. There isn’t enough to warrant replaying. NG+ is cool, but it’s just not enough to warrant me playing the whole 4 paths, which means I won’t get the full story, which for such a lore based and text heavy game, isn’t good. There’s also the permadeath issue, but that’s been analyzed by many others much better. This opinion might not be very unpopular, but maybe it is.
And boom, there, a whole bunch of unpopular opinions. At least, I think they’re unpopular. If you disagree, good. That means these are unpopular opinions. This has been a nice waste of 2 hours.
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2020.09.04 09:16 clawlr Stranger in the theater

Hi Reddit, my name is Clara and I am 18 years old! I apologize for the mistakes to come, I do not speak fluent English (even if I would like). Tonight I’m going to tell you something I experienced about a year ago. Something weird, something that could have easily degenerate if I had acted differently. I was hesitant to post, but if it helps, if you’re interested, why not?
It was a night like any other, and I was out of high school after a busy day (thanks to the wonderful schedule I had at the time). It was supposed to be 6:00 or 7:00, it was winter, and, uh, it was very cold and already dark. It was not a very reassuring atmosphere, I was not with my friends tonight and my mother would be late. So I decided to go to the theatre, located a few meters from the high school where, by the way, I had free tea! I knew a few people, including a woman (I thought I was already talking to her at the time) who works there. I wasn’t going to see any play, it was just to relax and read a book, or listen to music, something like that. So I went back to the theater after taking the shorter, frozen road. I never dressed warmly, even in winter, I always preferred skirts and jackets. So I went to the theater, not wanting to talk to anyone. I just wanted to wait, quietly out of the cold. Only half an hour.
I went to the sofas. They were located near the large doors leading into a performance hall. A man, about 60 years old, was sitting on a chair a few metres from the couch. I nodded to him and said "hello" to him quite politely. He shows a big smile. I think that the perverse adjective corresponds to him.. In short, I bypass and settle down. I quickly feel An insistent look, for long minutes. I act as if I did not notice it. I do not worry, I continue to comb my hair (I had taken out a pouch from my purse to remake and style myself, because my hair curls and frizz complicate me). The minutes pass and I watch the man from the corner of my eye. It started to become disturbing, even rude. I hate being stared at. But what to say? I have an extreme shyness. I take it upon myself. -Excuse me, what is your secret?
That unhealthy voice I still remember very well. He didn’t look mean. I preferred to think that he was motivated only by good intentions towards me. Perhaps pure kindness. -My secret? Repeated I stupidly. I was aware of my naivety. I preferred not to show that I was suspicious. So I did not opt for aggressiveness. Especially since I’m in a public place, I don’t run any risks. I stare at the empty theatre lobby. The people who work must not be far away. I see that this guy surely took the opportunity to accost me. -Your secret to be so pretty? I giggle nervously. What a cliché sentence. Although annoyed I thank him so as not to aggravate the rather tense situation on my side. -Thank you very much. -You are so feminine. So elegant. I can still hear that voice. -You brush your hair with such femininity...What's your name? What's the point of lying? I answer, without saying my last name of course. -Clara. -How old are you, miss? -17 years old. These basic questions made me more than a little uncomfortable in front of this man and his more than perverse smile that soon disgusted me. I tried to remain as polite as possible. That I was happy to be safe here. As long as he doesn't drag me out, I'm fine. He seemed to get back to his reading. But two seconds later he turned to me again with a startle. As if he had just remembered something incredible. -How long does it take you to get ready in the morning, tell me? My heart is tightening. That question seemed a bit creepy! I keep my smile. All I could think about was getting the hell out of here. It was becoming urgent. But what if he followed me outside? He would trap me. The image I had of him was deteriorating. How can one not have bad intentions? By asking such questions? I didn't know what to do. Be defensive and put him in his place or just be nice. I reassured myself that my mom would be here soon. -About half an hour. -Well, you're very pretty. It was getting more and more worrisome. The dark night outside seemed more reassuring than this place with him. I thanked him politely and pretended to do something else. I take out a notebook. -You know, keep looking pretty like this. You are doing a service to men like me. You see, it pleases me to see beautiful young women like you. You brighten up my day. Keep on making yourself beautiful in the morning.
He kept repeating himself. I had chills. I force myself to smile, look for someone else with my eyes, but no, I was alone in that corner with him. I was getting more and more nervous. I was anxious. This fear that he would throw himself on me with those crazy eyes was going round and round in my thoughts. -Do you have a boyfriend? I was single at the time. I wasn't dating the love of my life yet. I decided to lie to be sure. -Uh, yes. -Did you? -Yeah. I hated looking at him. Still, being rude was inconceivable to me and I was afraid I would make him angry if I didn't respond to his advances. I wanted him to stop staring at me with his own eyes. I wanted him to understand that. That we don't try to "hit on" girls like that. That he take into account MY feelings. -I advise you something... He moves forward slightly. I pretend to be interested, more and more afraid, unable to say no, as if under his control. -Break up with your boyfriend. I think he doesn't like you. -He doesn't? -Yeah, he doesn't. If he accepts your decision, let him say, "Okay, I accept this decision for YOU," he loves you. If he replies, he doesn't love you and he's not interested in you. He doesn't have to tell you that you are his, etc etc etc.
More than terrified, I pretend to agree with him. For me, it was too much. I look at my phone and pretend to have received a message from my mother. I'd rather wait outside than stay here. -I...have to go. I would do that. I'll do that. Bye. I get up after putting my stuff away. -How elegant you look...he whispers. -Thank you. -And do as I say! Leave your boyfriend. I hope to see you around again. I nod and anxiously cross the theater lobby. I find myself waiting outside in front of it. A few minutes after making a phone call to my mother, she parks in front of me. I explained everything to my parents. My father was furious. My mom was so sad! I didn't see him around anymore. Even more than a year later. People asking these kinds of questions is not normal and it's not nice. It's indecent and inappropriate. You should not hesitate to stand up for yourself and protect yourself as soon as possible. They can manipulate, it can be dangerous. Who knows what they would have done out there? Always be careful. Act sooner, this kind of thing is not normal! So, very strange and insistent stranger of the theater, I don't want to meet you again!
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2020.09.02 21:56 eve_salmon A Cinematic Guide to The Weeknd: Pt 2. Beauty Behind The Madness and Starboy

A Cinematic Guide to The Weeknd: Pt 2. Beauty Behind The Madness and Starboy
Pt.1 here

Beauty Behind the Madness

Duality of Place
As with Kiss Land, The Weeknd once again grounded Beauty Behind the Madness with a strong sense of location. While Los Angeles is the “setting,” of the Beauty Behind the Madness, one of its main themes is the duality of place, in the general urban to the general suburban. As such, the films mentioned throughout are not strictly Los Angeles based, diverging to other gritty cities. A key film is Saturday Night Fever, which set in New York and focuses on the desolation and despair hidden inside the urbane. The film stars John Travolta as a hardware store attendant who spends his weekend running the dance floor at 2001 Odyssey. The way the “Can’t Feel My Face” video is shot bears a resemblance to the famous images of Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, down to the colors. While the film is mostly remembered for breaking disco internationally and all the groovy stuff, Saturday Night Fever contains pretty graphic sexual violence and intense family drama, topics covered in song like “In the Night”. While Saturday Night Fever covers the hidden darkness of the urban jungle, Brian De Palma’s Carrie, presents an equal, reflexive suburban nightmare. Carrie, which also features Travolta, stars Sissy Spacek as a repressed young girl in suburban California who develops mental powers and gets back at the bullies who humiliated her on prom night. There’s strong parallels between Saturday Night Fever and Carrie, with both being sort of twisted coming of age pictures, and sexuality playing a key role in both. Carrie is also particularly relevant because while women are of course a frequent topic, by my count it was during the Beauty Behind the Madness era that a woman’s perspective/voice was introduced to his artistic vision (“In The Night”, Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, etc.). Also on the note of Travolta, he even makes an appearance as himself in an Apple Music commercial, in the vein of Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction.
David Lynch (Redux)
Mentioned previously in Pt.1, duality of place, the idea that corruption is hidden beneath layers of beauty and perhaps vice versa, is one of the foundational points of David Lynch’s filmmaking. To get more specific with the, Beauty Behind the Madness‘s Los Angeles’s urban / suburban distinction refers to Hollywood (cosmopolitan Los Angeles) vs the Desert (greater Los Angeles area, the Valley, etc). Lynch’s Hollywood foray, Mulholland Drive (previously discussed in Pt.1), features two women, one fresh in Los Angeles from small-town Ontario to make it as an actress, the other on the run from her big city existence. Throughout the film, the women don wigs, change names, switch clothes, and dream together until their identities are so muddled that they can no longer distinguish who they are, where they are, and what they are doing. The film also revolves around a car crash in Hollywood, similar to “The Hills” music video, which sees The Weeknd emerging from a car wreck with two women. The idea of mistaken and muddled identity was also explored in Lynch’s Lost Highway, his drive into the desert. Lost Highway starts out in Hollywood, with Bill Pullman’s Fred and Patricia Arquette’s Renee receiving strange videotapes outside their home. However, the story is eventually pulled to the desert when Pete Dayton enters the picture, a mysterious auto mechanic who’s sleeping with a gangsters wife. The Devil character that recurs in the Beauty Behind the Madness videos is a reference to the Mystery Man in Lost Highway. Most interpretations of the character revolve around The Weeknd making some sort of deal with the Devil, and in Lost Highway as well the Mystery Man represents a sort of purgatorial avenger.
Wes Craven
Perhaps the most celebrated reference on Beauty Behind the Madness, “The Hills” is a reference to Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes. While Craven’s film deals a family stranded in the desert on the run from cannibals, The Weeknd’s hills are that of Beverly and Hollywood, but are home to just as many horrors. In fact, the Dee Wallace’s Lynne says she’s going to Hollywood to be a star. Craven’s The Last House on the Left, revolving around the rape of two girls by murderous thugs, have echoes of the loss of innocence and duality and horrors of the urban and what not. However, while Craven lingers his fair share in the desert, he is also one of Hollywood’s premiere horror creators, being the architect behind the Nightmare on Elm St. and Scream franchises. While the Scream films reference Hollywood in that they are meta journeys that play on horror cliche’s and tropes established by franchises like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St., Craven’s most important “Hollywood” film is Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, the final Elm St. film. The film follows Elm St. star Heather Lagenkamp perusing around Los Angeles as herself, Elm St. star Heather Lagenkamp, while she dealing with hallucinations of a more monstrous Freddy stalking her and her son. It should be noted that while The Weeknd had always been horror adjacent, this was the first project that really was truly horror in and of itself. I believe this horror influence is where the more womanly and feminine aspects of Beauty Behind the Madness come from.
90s Horror / Psychological Thrillers
While Kiss Land took much of its influence from sci-fi horror films from the mid 80s to early 90s, Beauty Behind the Madness continued the timeline to go from the mid 90s into early 2000s, with that period being one of those especially potent times in filmmaking history. Since Hollywood began, every twenty or thirty so years, a perfect storm occurs which allows risky adult filmmaking to occur. This is usually some combination of political factors, a strong crop of filmmakers, and heightened budgets / technical expertise. I find films from this time to be unusually dark and stylized. One of the most interesting tropes seen in Beauty Behind the Madness can be seen in a number of soundtracks from the era. In films such as Eyes Wide Shut, 8mm, and Jacob’s Ladder, amongst others, the sexual and demonic underworld is represented in the soundtrack with ethnic percussion, woodwind, or vocalizing, similar to the Amharic chanting at the end of “The Hills” and the Turkish sample throughout “Often”. A filmmaker from this era who might be relevant is Clive Barker, who The Weeknd has mentioned on his social media. While Barker is probably best known for the original Hellraiser, which is chock full of sexual horror and infernal gore, perhaps most relevant to Beauty Behind the Madness is Barker’s final film*, Lord Of Illusions*. An underseen horror noir which marked the end of Barker’s directing career (he only directed three films), Lord of Illusions follows a detective involving a possibly demonic Hollywood illusionist who gets killed performing a dangerous stunt. This can be seen in parallel to the “Earned It” video, which displays a similar spectacle. While not a cinematic reference, it should be noted that the bondage rope set up at the climax of the video is a reference to famed Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki.
General Metropolitan Films
Though Beauty Behind the Madness is “set” in Los Angeles, the film takes from a variety of urban films, again from the aforementioned 90s to early 2000s period. The Asian gangster In the Night bears some semblance to Ichi The Killer, while much of the cinematic style is directly indebted to Wong Kar Wai’s Fallen Angels. Besides Lynch and Craven, there are a handful of more “minor” directors referenced throughout Beauty Behind the Madness. The gloomy, dirty cityscapes of David Fincher’s Fight Club, Se7en, Zodiac, The Game, were all filmed in Los Angeles or San Francisco, presenting an alternate, Stygian California landscape full of killers and psychos indistinguishable from your neighbor (the thesis of the aforementioned 8mm). David Cronenberg’s later films, while less psychedelic, focus on the same kinds of erotically deranged, characters that have always populated his films. This is most seen in his last film, Maps to the Stars, which follows a demented show business family and the secrets, feelings and people, dead and alive, they need to bury to maintain their sanity (available on Netflix US), and Crash, starring James Spader as a movie producer who gets sexually aroused from car crashes, car crashes being a recurring factor in Beauty Behind the Madness. However, he also detours into more muscular and intimidating trips on the relationship between sex and violence with Eastern Promises and A History of Violence, which center around the human trafficking and self defense respectively. Speaking of James Spader, he stars as the main villain in Less Than Zero, an adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s debut novel. In the vein of Carrie and Saturday Night Fever, Less Than Zero explores loss of innocence and the emptiness and ennui of the hedonistically inclined, with a slight focus on drug use. Tarantino as well, makes an appearance, with some visual references to Kill Bill, most notably the desert burial and the black and white shot of the Asian thugs.


Nicolas Winding Refn / Cat People
While Beauty Behind the Madness was all about juxtaposition and contrast and veered towards gritty realism, Starboy's cinematic ideas serve to present an amplified, exaggerated reality. While Beauty Behind the Madness used Los Angeles to discuss general urban ideas, Starboy is firmly set in Hollywood. One director who is able to capture this is amplified contemporary reality is Nicolas Winding Refn, director of Only God Forgives. Refn’s Drive, follows Ryan Gosling’s getaway driver trying to bail his girlfriend’s husband out of a bad deal, and serves as a strong peg for Starboy’s vehicular focused segments, what with all the sports cars and shit. The film also gave Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” a big boost into the mainstream. However, it is Refn’s last film, The Neon Demon, that is perhaps the true key to Starboy’s cinematic universe. The Neon Demon is about an aspiring model who falls into a sinister crowd of Los Angeles vixens, running somewhat parallel Mulholland Drive, but where Mulholland Drive was steeped in Old Hollywood, The Neon Demon presents more contemporary facing ideas, such as materialism, vanity, and exploitation. The film very closely resembles Mania, from the sterile white studio to the bloody girls that occupy it, but one of the more unique references however is the big cat imagery. There are two main cinematic uses of big cats, the first being them in an urban environment where they stick out, such as The Neon Demon, or it involves some sort of spiritual other side such as Paul Schrader’s Cat People, which also touches on panthers as a symbol of rebirth.
Michael Mann / Hardcore Henry
Both paralleling and contrasting the bold psychedelia on display in Refn’s Los Angeles films, Michael Mann’s crime films serve as another visual touchstone for Starboy, but as a sonic one as well. While Mann has had an eclectic career, it is the plastic-y existentialist pulp he started his career with serves as a primary influence on Starboy. One of the most notable things about his early films is that they had huge, trendy synth scores, most notably the Thief and The Keep scores being done by Tangerine Dream, a legendary band who did the scores for many Hollywood movies, perhaps most famously for the train scene in Risky Business. In addition to their film work they did massively cinematic albums like Phaedra which would go on to inspire legions of cinematic and musical disciples (Phaedra was recently seen in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch). After making the Last of the Mohicans, Mann directed Heat, bringing an epic, intellectual scale to his neon soaked underworld, and stars Weeknd favorite Robert De Niro (more in Pt.3) Since Heat, he has made his fair share of contemporary historical dramas like Ali and The Insider, but has not forgotten his roots and continues with the existentialist pulp that he got his start in, such as Miami Vice and Collateral. Mann has a particular affection for balconies and large views, primarily of the Los Angeles cityscape or the ocean, which can be seen throughout Starboy, such as in the “Starboy” and “Reminder videos.” While Heat somewhat influences the “False Alarm” video, “False Alarm” is was directed by Ilya Naishuller, who directed, wrote, produced, starred and scored the similarly done first person film Hardcore Henry.
Daft Punk / Giallo
Perhaps the only popular musicians who can match The Weeknd cinematically, Daft Punk brings its own cinematic heritage to Starboy. One of the key Daft Punk films is Brian De Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise. Starring Paul Williams and Jessica Harper, the film is a psychedelic blend of Faust and The Phantom of the Opera set in a 70s night club, which sees a pop songwriter devolve into an evil musical cyborg after making a Faustian deal with the Devil, a recurring theme seen also in Trilogy and Beauty Behind the Madness. Daft Punk actually even got around to making their own film, Electroma in 2006, about robots on their journey to becoming human. The film seems to be something of a stealth remake of Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth, which stars David Bowie as an alien masquerades as an industrialist, searching for water to bring back to his home planet. The film begins in the desert, In April 2020, horror legend Dario Argento name dropped that he had Daft Punk scoring his next film. While it was later denied by his producer, The Weeknd posted a video of him watching Tenebare, one of Argento’s most famous films. Argento is one of the pioneers of the Italian giallo, a breed of horrocrime film that were popular throughout the 60s and 70s, known for hyperstylized visual elements and sexuality. One of the best known is Argento’s Suspiria, a movie about a coven of witches who run a dance school, and which also happens to star Jessica Harper. Giallo film was also noted for its rich sonic palette, with both Suspiria and Tenebare featuring soundtracks by prog rock band Goblin, while Ennio Morricone was known to dip his feet in giallo’s early days, such as with Argento’s The Bird with Crystal Plumage. While not directly referenced it wouldn’t be a long shot to suggest that perhaps Starboy‘s visual spectrum was influenced by the flamboyant colors of the Giallo genre, the “Party Monster” video is full of Giallo imagery and Giallo lighting also being a big influence on The Neon Demon. A classic bit of Giallo that may have served as inspiration is Mario Bava’s adaptation of comic Danger Diabolik. John Phillip Law plays Diabolik, a masked bank heist robber who drives fast cars and with his girlfriend Eva, played by Marissa Mel, who was featured in a number of other Giallo films. Diabolik’s heist gear and cars recall the Starboy video, and the overall tone of the heists bear some semblance to the tongue in cheek nature of the “False Alarm” video.
Though movies and Los Angeles have long been covered by The Weeknd, it was on Starboy that I felt he begins truly acknowledging the legacy of Hollywood. While I prefer to avoid the simple shout outs (The Untouchables in “Sidewalks”, Wrath of Khan in “Starboy”), I do think it should be noted that these are slicker, higher budgeted films. In Ordinary Life, he namechecks David Carradine of the Carradine acting family, a Los Angeles native character actor best known as Bill in Kill Bill, but also as Frankenstein in Death Race 2000, another car-centric film that may have been an influence on Starboy. He also mentions James Dean, who while not an Angeleno is as enmeshed into its history as one will ever be. A film I believe may have influenced Starboy is Robert Altman’s The Player, a Hollywood satire which sees Tim Robbins as a film executive who murders a writer he believes has been sending him death threats. While it may be a bit of a stretch, there is something about the fascination with Hollywood, as well as a good chunk of paranoid night time walking has always linked The Player to Starboy in my brain. While a more tongue in cheek, there are also light shades of After Hours. However, the one film that offers an honest look at the inner working of the film industry, is of course, Eyes Wide Shut.
Pt. 3 coming soon.
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2020.09.01 20:20 petulinda How I view men aka what the heck

The masterpost made me realize how much of me "liking men" in the past was me pressuring myself to like them. I've been realizing so many things and remembering being drawn to women on my own without mentally putting the effort into it. They just always kinda happened. With men, I picked one and fixated. Rinse and repeat.
So it's women for me all the way, that's for sure. But there's this strange thing about men that I kinda can't categorize. I would describe it that I view some some men as art - and from galleries we know that art shouldn't be touched, or god forbid, licked. (Gasp, ew.) If I see a pretty man, I remake him into a fictional character who is always gay. Then I find another pretty man and boom, we have a fictional couple I can write about.
For some reason, I find this thrilling. Men liking men. But why do I, a woman liking women, like men liking men? I know that there's many of us, look at fanfic communitites for example, it's just a phenomenon I kinda can't wrap my head around. (I almost wrote hand instead of head, which would be just as true.) I wouldn't touch it, but I would watch it. Again, art. It makes me feel things.
When it comes to reading or writing wlw, I don't feel just as thrilled about it. Maybe because it's my reality and I know this kind of stuff from my own real life? (Movies and series are a different thing though, I l o v e wlw couples on the screen.)
It's just that this thing about men liking men makes me feel a certain way and I can't really explain why. Anybody else feels similarly?
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2020.08.31 20:02 acousticaliens Amazon Prime horror movies I’ve watched in quarantine

I’ve been using quarantine and time at home to watch horror movies pretty much every day. Amazon Prime has an impressive selection with a membership, and I just wanted to drop the titles of what I’ve enjoyed in case anyone needs a new watch.
I know some people have probably watched most or all of these, but I’ve been desperate for new finds and thought this might be helpful. Would love to hear what you’ve all been watching!
  1. They’re Watching: found footage horror comedy that follows a home improvement TV crew in eastern europe
  2. Get Duked!: a new release from Amazon and another horror comedy (more comedy though). follows a group of 4 high school boys being hunted in the countryside.
  3. StageFright Aquarius: strong giallo vibes. a theater puts on a show inspired by a real murderer, the murderer escapes and traps them in the theater.
  4. Scare Campaign: a prank show crew tries to up their game by pulling off their best scare yet, but they aren’t the only ones with a scare in mind.
  5. Friday the 13th the Final Chapter: a typical Friday the 13th entry, but this cast is great and it has some memorable kills.
  6. Friday the 13th Part III: not great but fun!
  7. April Fool’s Day: like Scream meets Clue. I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but it was 100% fun.
  8. Come to Daddy: elijah wood stars in this oddball horror movie as an estranged son meeting his father for the first time in years and discovering dark secrets bout his dads past.
  9. Chopping Mall: killer robots terrorize teens that stay in a mall after closing. I mean, come on. what more could you want?
  10. Witch Hunt: a group of friends have a party and play a game where one of them is a witch, but then they start dying for real. it was fine?
  11. Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives: one of the best entries, i think. the older tommy is solid and zombie jason is amazing.
  12. Hellraiser: feels like one you kind of have to watch. that being said, the cenobites were freaky as hell.
  13. Slumber Party Massacre: supposed to be sort of a horror movie satire. i absolutely loved this one, very funny but also some legitimately good scares and plays very well on horror movie tropes.
  14. Suspiria (remake): I’m not a huge fan of body horror, but dakota johnson and tilda swinton are fantastic in this. it’s a little long but sucks you in.
  15. Unsane: a woman accidentally checks herself into a mental institution and starts seeing her stalker, but no one believes her. the whole gimmick is that it was shot an on iphone. it was okay.
  16. We Are Still Here: a moody haunted house movie that i thoroughly enjoyed
  17. The House of the Devil: watch for greta gerwigs ‘70s hair, stay for a solid slow burn plot and great atmosphere.
  18. The Dead Dont Die: totally weird zombie horror comedy. kind of wasted a great cast, but worth a watch.
  19. Slice: an A24 horror comedy starring Zazie Beetz and featuring Chance the Rapper. and werewolves!
  20. Digging up the Marrow: decent found footage flick but great makeup and effects.
  21. Behind the Mask the Rise of Leslie Vernon: if you haven’t watched this yet, you must.
  22. Dead Body: a group of high school friends gather at a cabin in the woods and start getting killed off one by one.
  23. Fox Trap: after a tragic prank gone wrong in their past, a group of adult friends are summoned to the place where it all happened.
  24. Child’s Play (remake): I know the reviews for this were pretty mixed, but I really enjoyed it. Aubrey Plaza was great and using technology for different kills was wicked.
  25. Triangle: A group of friends become stranded on a mysterious ocean liner after their boat capsizes. A nice blend of horror and science fiction.
I’m sure I forgot some, but those are the highlights. Comment with any other recommendations (I’m desperate)!
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2020.08.20 16:46 2012Aceman Is BLM Political?

po·lit·i·cal Adjective: relating to the government or the public affairs of a country.
So, yes. While the saying "Black Lives Matter" is not inherently political, the fact that the organizers of the movement and the people in movement believe it is synonymous with "Defund the Police!" means they are taking a political stand. However, pretty much everything in society is political now. An all-female Ghostbusters remake was one of the most politically divisive things in 2016, and that was an election year!
But what of the second argument, that BLM transcends politics? Well, I certainly like the abstract of that idea. That a movement is so powerful, obvious, and moral that the political consideration should defer to to the JUSTICE and GREATER GOOD that is proposed.
Which is why being Pro-Life Transcends politics as well. Don't believe me? Here's the argument that applies to both transcending politics: "We need to look beyond public policy and really address the ills affecting the community. Why are so many black lives ended prematurely? Why does it seem like there is a system in place to prevent black people from succeeding, limiting their ability to create and pass down generational wealth? And if there is something we can do to help that community that is in so much pain, we should. That is why, in order to prevent the deaths of 13 black unarmed males per year due to police brutality AND to prevent the deaths of 133,000 black babies being terminated per year we stand in solidarity with BLM and the pro-life movement!"
The argument for systemic racism? I gotchu fam. First of all, the 13/50 statistic is the result of racial bias, I think we can all agree on that. And if not, let me break that down. 13% of the US population is African American and supposedly 50% of all violent criminal convictions in the US are against black people. But it isn't black people, it is black men. So the statistic becomes 6.5/50... and does any person REALLY think that 6.5% of the population can commit HALF of the violent crime in the nation? Come on. There are multiple levels to our justice system, and at EACH step of that process there is room for discretion and leeway which could lead to one group being disproportionately affected. Know another area that black people are disproportionately affected? Reproductive health.
Did you know that black women are 3 times more likely to get an abortion than a white woman? And that in some cities, more black babies are terminated than born? And that Margaret Sanger was a raging racist and eugenicist who popularized Planned Parenthood in black communities in order to decrease the black population? I mean, when we're talking systemic racism, about laws and institutions created with the express purpose of keeping down black America, this is it.
Now, am I advocating abolishing abortion? Absolutely not. But how can someone honestly say Black Lives Matter when so many black lives never get to begin? Where is their justice, where was their chance? Perhaps if we want to advocate for better lives for everyone, and especially for our black brothers and sisters, we should look into the ROOT CAUSES behind these issues, and not just suggest a ridiculous solution like Abolishing the Police. Address the economy, address public services, address education and opportunity. Perhaps oust the political parties that dominate these communities and put in somebody they feel would better address their wants and needs. But don't just simplify the issue to the point of absurdity, as if the police wouldn't be replaced by a carbon copy immediately thereafter. And if you don't believe me, we should abolish the INS (and rename it ICE).
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2020.08.18 22:25 ScravoNavarre Tales of Legendia: A 2020 Review

As a long-time RPG fan, I'm no stranger to long games. I've played more 60+ hour games than I can remember off the top of my head, and some of those multiple times. I've happily done marathons of some of those super-long games and beaten them over a week or two. A really good game can grab and hold my attention, make me want to see what happens next, and keep me coming back for more no matter how long it is.
But sweet Nerifes, Tales of Legendia is not that game.
There's a reason this one took me about three months to finish since wrapping up Tales of Symphonia: Tales of Legendia is one of the most poorly-paced video games I have ever played in any genre. First, there's the random encounter rate, which reaches absolutely frustrating heights in the second half of the game. Sure, there are holy bottles, but the problem could have just as easily been solved with a lower encounter rate or symbol encounters. Second, the dungeons themselves are painfully dull. While the scenery is often quite pretty (I particularly like the juxtaposition of organic features and man-made components in many of the Legacy's ruins), the dungeons all boil down to corridor after corridor. Third, because of the game's narrative structure, you wind up doing the majority of those dungeons twice, with very little change. Oh, and you usually have to backtrack through those dungeons as well, because Legendia doesn't give you shortcuts other than the world map's duct system. Finally, aside from the very minor obstacles in the Quiet Lands temples, the dungeons don't even have puzzles integrated into their designs, relying instead on Puzzle Booths, a god-awful concept that completely breaks the momentum of dungeon exploration.
Honestly, multiple times over the course of playing this game, I found myself just wishing I could get to the next story beat. The narrative isn't really anything special (we'll get to that in a moment), but it's far, far better than slogging through another boring dungeon or trudging along on the franchise's most linear world map, especially in the second half of the game! I love playing RPGs because of how the elements come together, but *Legendia'*s sense of exploration is nearly non-existent. At least the music is top-notch, better than any other game in the series up to this point. I would gladly buy the soundtrack. Even the goofy track that plays when someone (usually Moses and/or Norma) is doing something stupid is fun and memorable.
The combat, at least, is fun, even if it's fairly simplistic. I wouldn't really call it an evolution of previous 2D games in the series, but it works. It's fast without usually feeling too frantic, attacks (Senel's, at least) often feel like they have weight, and Climax Mode and Climax Combos feel really cool, even if they don't exactly require much effort. Playing as Senel in particular makes for a good video game power fantasy, especially as his throws later in the game let him manhandle pretty much any enemy he fights. I do wish, however, that Custom Eres had been implemented better, because it could have provided a source of character customization that the game really lacks.
Speaking of characters, let's take a look at them, because Legendia's narrative is even more character-focused than Symphonia's. I took the time during the Character Quests to play as each one of them, too!
Senel: It's so nice to see a Tales protagonist who's not a bright-eyed idiot from a small village who is obsessed with food and knows nothing about the world. Senel starts off the game as an unabashed asshole, and while I know I spoke at length about how much I hated Genis's dickery, it's refreshing to see a main character who really doesn't give a crap. Of course, that doesn't last forever, as Senel grows to understand the importance of letting people past his walls and trusting them when he needs help. In combat, he's once again a nice change of pace from the typical Tales swordguy, and being able to throw enemies is a lot of fun. I wish he had better aerial artes eres early on, though.
Will: Will is such a disappointment. He's great as a team dad (but enough with the "old man" nonsense - he's not even 30!), and his enthusiasm for rare monsters and gaets is awesome, but I still feel really let down by him. See, he's a mage, but he's absolutely jacked, with the biggest muscles in the entire game aside from Vaclav, and he wields a giant hammer. He could have easily been a hammer version of the classic Tales magic knight archetype, but no, he'd rather stand on the back lines and cast spells. A late-game skit even lampshades this, but no, his physical attack stat is barely higher than Norma's or Shirley's, and that's just sad. His character quest really tugged at my heartstrings, though. I first played this game back in college, and I've since then had a child of my own, so I get it, Will.
Chloe: Since Senel doesn't fill the swordguy role, we have Chloe as the swordgirl. Chloe rocks. Her eres selection is fun, and she's great for racking up massive combos with Senel. Her character arc and quest are rather dark, with her focus on revenge against her parents' killer literally about to destroy her. The scene where Senel fights her one-on-one in the rain is particularly powerful (although that fight is absurdly easy to cheese), and then she straight-up stabs someone she's been crushing on for most of the game, because revenge is just that important to her. Damn, Chloe. I'm glad she comes to her senses and forms a meaningful friendship with Elsa.
Norma: Norma is pretty damn obnoxious, though it's more just her obsession with treasure and her vanity than her treatment of her friends that irks me. If she didn't play the main healer role for most of the game, I probably wouldn't have used her much. As it is, though, she's the only one who gets Revive (weird name - I miss Nurse) and Resurrection, so she's indispensable for many boss fights. I really, really wish that she would stop trying to cast Thunder Arrow on things that are so obviously made of electricity. Please don't make me micromanage your spell list for every encounter, Norma.
Moses: I like Moses. I didn't use him a whole lot unless I had to, as my party composition was already pretty settled for most of the game, but I like him as a character. His role in battle as a variant on the archer archetype is pretty cool, but his eres selection is fairly sparse and redundant. He's a good family man, though, and growing brotherly relationship with Jay is one of my favorite bits of character chemistry in the game. His Character Quest is also very touching, and I'm glad it had a happier resolution than it could have, had Jay and Norma not spoken up.
Jay: Let me get this out of the way: Jay is one of the ugliest character designs I have ever seen. There's just something about his aesthetic that just bothers me. Fortunately, the field and battle models are small enough that I don't have to look at him too terribly closely, but his portrait art frightens me. That said, I love Jay in battle. He's fast, powerful, and his fighting style is a neat mix of *Tales-*style ninjutsu and capoeira. He hardly ever left my party after he joined up. Similar to Moses, his Character Quest focuses on family and finding one's place, and really hammers home the game's lesson that we don't need to try to solve all of our problems on our own.
Shirley: Shirley is one of the most boring characters I've ever had the misfortune of encountering in an RPG. She's bland, spends the first chunk of the game as a damsel in distress, then turns into an apocalyptic psycho because Senel rejects her and the evil army kills her sister. Sure, that's a motivation, but it's not a compelling one. She's a bit better in the second half of the game once she's playable, but even then she's not useful until the very end. I threw her into my final party because she'd learned Tidal Wave, but I might have been better off just keeping Norma in there for Revive spam.
Grune: Grune represents one of the biggest conflicts within this game, and I'm not talking about the fight against Schwartz in the second half. I'm talking about Ideas vs. Execution. Here's this fun, goofy, amnesiac mage woman who seems to talk to herself and plant seeds at random times. That's great, and it's a funny running joke, but it also means the writers completely removed the traditional summon spirits from the story until the very end. Sure, there's in-universe justification for it, but that takes away one of the best parts of any Tales adventure! Then, in the final segment of the game, Grune gets her memory and purpose back. Does she become more awesome? Does she immediately get kickass magic befitting a goddess? Nope! Her voice changes! Don't get me wrong - I like Grune, especially ditzy amnesiac Grune, but she doesn't really add much to the playable cast.
Let me reiterate the point that I made when discussing Grune: Legendia presents a lot of good ideas. It does a lot of things well, even! But for each thing it does well, there's another thing holding the game back from being anything better than just average.
The Good: The music is beautiful, and definitely one of my favorite OSTs in the series. The setting is unique. Combat is generally fun. Voice acting is decent. Voiced skits, too! The characters are, for the most part, well-written and interesting. On a more personal note, the overarching lesson about learning to let other people help you with your problems really resonates with me.
The Bad: Shirley is incredibly boring. The world map and dungeons are extremely linear, with very few secrets. Encounter rate is too high, especially in the second half of the game. Enemies often have way too much HP, making battles more time-consuming than challenging. Puzzle Booths are awful (skip them if you want, because the titles you get are useless). Very little meaningful character customization. Character design looks like the artist graduated from the Tetsuya Nomura School of Unnecessary Accessories. Baking is much more limited than cooking in the field. Animations and spell effects are often very dull and uninspired.
The WTF: Ponder, if you will, the evolutionary path of the Mimic Bed. Most RPGs have some sort of Mimic creature, usually one that resembles a treasure chest in order to lure greedy adventurers to their dooms. The original Mimic Bed boss, while odd, still works in a similar role. But after that? You can fight whole herds of these things on the world map and in dungeons. Why are there evil sentient beds just running around everywhere? What ecological niche do they serve?
Final Score: 2.75 Push-Ups?! out of 5
Current Rankings:
  1. Symphonia (PS3)
  2. Eternia (PSP)
  3. Phantasia (PS1 remake)
  4. Legendia (PS2)
  5. Destiny (PS1)
Edit: I forgot to mention the near-total lack of sidequests in the game, especially in the first half. I liked the hidden monsters, though, and the special battle in the arena was a lot of fun. Equipment "customization" was, like custom artes, also poorly utilized.
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2020.08.17 09:31 SpongebobsTechnique The Last of Us 2 has a terrible story has exactly the same game play as part 1, and destroys characters.

The last of Us 2 is a terrible story that destroy the characters that we know and love.
I recommended reading through some of THESE before proceeding.
Tlou2 completely disrespects Joel's character, it does this so by completely killing him in a way a 14 year old Ellie wouldn't fall for. Of course, I'm talking about the infamous Joel death scene.
Firstly, why would Joel save Abby in the first place? There was a horde of infected any he basically stays behind? for some stranger? Definitely expect that for someone who ignored a roadside family WITH A CHILD in the first 8 min of Tlou1 its obvious that Joel would not do this. This also brings me to the argument,
"Joel grew soft."
After 30 years of experience? Along with his experience clearing infected in Jackson? I think not. If Joel "grew soft" he would be dead already.
Secondly, why would Joel trust these strangers enough to go inside their base? He just met them literally 2 min ago. Why not split so Joel could to back to Jackson? I'm sure Joel has seen enough of people to know what they're capable of. Just like he knew what the bandits that tried to tick him into thinking there was a dying man in road. Especially since he said "I've been on both sides." Of course talking about the ambush strategy.
Thirdly, now why would Joel think to tell Abby, a complete stranger his name when defending Abby. Even 14 year old Ellie isn't willing to give up her information so quickly, as in TLOU1 Ellie was asked her name by David (Cannibal, Pedophile, Rapist guy) Ellie said "whats Yours?" Almost instantly. So 14 years of experience is better than 30?
It also throws out all logic by forgetting last names exist. Just because his first names Joel dose not mean he's Joel Miller. He could be Joel Johnson, or Joel Smith, or even a different Joel Miller.
Also in 2013 Neil Druckmann said "Joel had no choice." Implying Joel killed everyone because of his love for Ellie.
It's also crazy how Joel didn't think anyone would try to track his location and kill him. with the amount of people he crossed, it would be safe to assume so.
This all makes me think Joel died for shock value.
Neil Druckmann in 2013 "Joel has no choice"
Even Neil himself enjoyed killing Abby's father
Ellie seems to be having a falling out with Joel, but that's no excuse for why she would forgive Abby. She easily rakes the cake for the most out of character and dumbest.
If anything her having a falling out with Joel, watching Abby kill her father figure, crippling her uncle figure, trying to kill her pregnant girlfriend, killing Jesse, and biting off her fingers (let me know if i missed something) would make her and the player want to kill Abby even more right?
Especially since Neil Druckmann "Wanted the player to hate Abby immensely."
Neil Druckmann 'Wanted People To Hate Abby Immensely'
Ellie also has a personality change. this is understandable since she was becoming more independent and getting older, but she also has a change in the way she acts. She's very clumsy now, something Joel wasn't. Her clumsiness makes no sense since her and Joel knew each other for years, and Joel obviously taught Ellie. This brings me to another point,
Ellie changes her mind 8 times through out the game, from wanting to kill Abby to not wanting to kill Abby. I think if this was TLOU 1 Ellie she would have her mind set on killing Abby. It obvious that Ellie and Joel had an unbreakable connection, and its pretty confusing that Ellie would forgive Abby. Abby was practically a stranger to Ellie, and Ellie through out the whole game kills hundreds. Ellie killing those people was all for nothing? Makes no sense.

  1. Abby kills Joel. Must kill Abby.
  2. Dina needs to go back to Jackson. Let Abby live.
  3. Abby attacks at theater. Must kill Abby.
  4. Abby leaves them alive. Let Abby live.
  5. Tommy gives info about Abby. Must kill Abby.
  6. Sees Abby tied to post. Let Abby live.
  7. Flashback of bloody Joel. Must kill Abby.
  8. Flashback of guitar Joel. Let Abby live.
This inconsistency is crazy.
Also why didn't Ellie just shoot Abby as soon as she open the do to the ski lodge basement? she had a very slow reactions speed to see her tortured father figure. ill chock this all up to her being surprised at the sight she saw.
She also puts a knife to Lev's neck which was pretty confusing why she would even think to do this.
'Non-sexualized female protagonist' with explicit sex scene
Tommy is flat out stupid, and his stupidity got Joel killed
Unfortunately, Joel told Abby his name while she was defending her but thanks to her being in the moment or bad writing, she forgot. Though, When they're in the lodge with Abby - who surprisingly crossed them, Tommy says this, "I'm Tommy, that's Joel Miller we live at the town our credit card information is..." you get the idea. Tommy would never do this. Besides this I think he acts normal.
I just wanted to point out that Dina takes 2 major falls, enough to kill her baby. It also makes no sense that she would come while pregnant, since she knows Ellie was doing this for revenge and being pregnant is one the biggest burdens, especially in a sound dependent apocalypse.
Oh, how do i hate Abby she's a cheating, sexualized "non sexualized", psychopath, that murdered my favorite character in a way that makes 0 sense.
-Abby being a bad person
Firstly, she's (correct me if i'm wrong) having sex with Mel's baby father, Owen. She killed Joel- the person who saved her life, Tried to murder a pregnant Dina.
Throughout Abby's half of the game, you hang out with this Owen person a lot as Owen hangs out with Mel a lot. Little would the player know that Abby was Owens side girl. And this is the person they want us to empathize with?
Not to mention that she was the #1 scar killer. She also smiled while she was going to slice a pregnant Dina's throat. SMILED! WHILE TRYING TO KILL AN INFANT! Just proves how sick she is, and I cannot empathize with someone like this.

-Abby got her revenge on Joel, though all of her friends died. but at the same time she got to kill more of Ellie's friends.
She killed Joel, crippled Tommy, killed Jesse, and would've killed Dina if it wasn't for Lev. It seems like Abby killing Joel triggered Tommy to kill her friends... but then she gets revenge on Tommy by crippling him, so i guess its a revenge is bad sometimes. Also, without her revenge she would be still hanging on a pillar by the bay, so it saved her life.

-Abby being non sexualized, but having an explicit sex scene
Do i need to explain this one? Neil Druckkman said "A cool non - sexualized female character." And i had to feast m eyes on that scene? Also the definition of sexualized is ...
made sexual; given sexual associations.
"sexualized images of women"
'Non-sexualized female protagonist' with explicit sex scene

There is literally not much to talk about.
Proneing is cool. Adds a lot to the exploration and stealth elements.
The AI is pretty good. Enemies actually have brain cells, can see, and have things they do in combat such as flanking that was amazing.
uhhmmm... I understand this is TLOU2 but i expected more.
I really think this game could've been a masterpiece. The premise of revenge out of spite and rage can have severe consequences is a amazing idea but... the way they deliver is terrible and feels like a punch in the face. If this game had smarter characters, like the ones we know and love in TLOU1 I think it could've been just as good as TLOU1.

-Recap of main story points-
Joel, Tommy, and Ellie are now living in a small town called Jackson.
Ellie and Dina go on a patrol while Joel and Tommy are on a different patrol.
Joel saves some stranger while Ellie travels to their location.
This strange lady - Abby - is torturing Ellie's old man and my favorite character because she has a wild assumption that all Joel's are the same and after using her psychic powers to tell if Joel was telling the truth about his name she murders him.
These dumb idiots who killed Joel were practically using free WiFi giving away their location because of a patch, and Ellie goes off with Dina t not only find Tommy who's gone off to get revenge, but she also wants revenge of her own.
The losers head off to Sittle in which they find Abby's friends and murder them. Oh yeah the big D's pegos.
it's all up to Ellie and she ends up killing all Abby's friends and dropping her map somehow???
dropping the map lead Abby right to Ellie where Abby and Ellie fight. Ellie somehow loses?????????? and Ellie SOMEHOW makes it out the theater with everyone except Jesse living...
the Toomsters angry about being crippled and what not, so he says go get Abby i got a lead so Ellie does and forgives Abby for no reason at all. Credits Roll.
This story is Terrible because of the characters acting out of character, and also the dumb main points (ex. Abby assumes Joel is her guy).
-Plot holes/Armouinconveniences-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ellie Being Upset With Joel.
Ellie Letting Abby Go. ...
Letting Ellie And Tommy Go. ...
Nora Chooses To Not Lie. ...
Dina Offering Ellie Her Mask. ...
Isaac Not Listening To Abby About Lev. ...
Abby Is Only Grateful When She Wants To Be. ...
Out-Of-Place Trust

  1. EVERYONE assumes that the surgeon would be 100% able to create a "vaccine" after opening Ellie's brain even though the first game (and science itself) says this is impossible + unnecessary because that's NOT how mycology and biology works.
  2. Tommy the Dumbass introduces himself and Joel to Abby and her group using their real names even though at this point it is assumed that the remnants of the fireflies will DEFINITELY want revenge against the dude that killed Marlene.
  3. Abby kneecaps Joel without even confirming this is the same Joel that killed her dad; Abby then says "Joel Miller" and Joel goes against any survival skills so instead of denying that's his last name, baits her even further WTF.
  4. Ellie sees Abby beating Joel and hesitates in shooting Abby, gets her gun taken away, uses her knife to slash one dude (instead of throwing it towards Abby but whatever) then she is overpowered by two forgettable skinny ass NPCs.
  5. Abby's ruthless companions debate whether to let Ellie live or not then decide to spare her life even though she PROMISED to kill them all for Joel's death. They also spare Tommy who is Joel's brother and who will ALSO want to get revenge. This forgettable Gang of Losers is definitely too dumb to live that I'm surprised as to how they all survived these years.
  6. Tommy the Dumbass leaves for Seattle (after deducing that's where Abby is going based ONLY on the WLF logo on their jackets; this is like assuming someone is going to New York just because they have a Yankees' baseball cap FFS) on his own without Ellie and Nose Girl thus diminishing their chances of succeeding against Abby's Gang of Losers.
  7. The guy that Ellie slashed has her at his mercy and argues with the guy who captured her about how they should just spare her to extract info. Dude, you know how dangerous she is, JUST SHOOT HER!!!!! Then Nose Girl swoops in, kills the second dude, gets injured, and Scar Guy still doesn't just shoot Ellie!!!!! WTF!!!! How the f*** did this guy survive decades into the apocalypse? Nevermind, he dead now.
  8. Asian Joel Wannabe thinks it is a good idea to surprise greet Ellie like that. I'm honestly surprised she didn't knife him or something.
  9. Poor Man's Halle Berry has 0 survival skills as well. Just lie to Ellie about where Abby is going instead of baiting her even further by calling Joel "a little bitch". SERIOUSLY, HOW DID ABBY'S GANG OF LOSERS SURVIVE THIS LONG INTO THE APOCALYPSE?
  10. The WLF Soldiers have Ellie on their sights and instead of shooting her (even if that means killing Poor Man's Halle Berry as well), they simply let Ellie do what she wants and in the end, they all get killed by her in return. The WLF is definitely the world's worst pseudo-military group.
  11. Mel and Owen have extremely low survival skills as well. Mel is pregnant and never tries to beg for her life by mentioning it. And instead of them trying to negotiate with Ellie, dumbass Owen tries to overpower her, gets shot, then preggo Mel tries to overpower Ellie as well. They both die like the losers they are.
  12. Ellie surrenders to Abby instead of using any of her throwable items like the molotov cocktails. Sure, they could harm Tommy as well but come on kid, you REALLY think Abby is going to let you both live after you killed all of her friends? Are you stupid?
  13. Abby's entire campaign feels a lot like DLC. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if it was always meant to be DLC but was tacked into the main game to create more controversy + a higher-up at ND realized that there's no way gamers would pay extra money to play as fricking Abby.
  14. Abby's dad is the world's worst mycologist/biologist. As I said before: the Fireflies want to cut out Ellie's brain to make a "vaccine" because her Cordyceps Brain Infection is symbiotic instead of parasitic; she's not unique, her infection is. Her infection itself is the vaccine. There is NO NEED TO OPEN HER BRAIN, that will kill BOTH the host AND the infection leaving you with nothing. A spinal tap is more than enough you dumb moron!!!!
  15. Marlene totally didn't predict that Joel would be against killing his surrogate daughter for some reason so she decides to spill the beans to him before the surgery. This is a plot hole from the first game but still, she has no survival skills and is way too dumb to live.
  16. Abby's nickname is Abs. Get it? A character named Abs has abs. Amazing writing Neil.
  17. "May your survival be long" is apparently the catchphrase of the WLF which is ironic since none of them have even the most basic survival skills.
  18. A member of the WLF complains about having burritos for breakfast again. As a Mexican, I find that Latinophobic, Neil. Also, why is Self Insert Neil Druckman randomly inserting Spanish words into his English sentences? WE DON'T TALK LIKE THAT! He also cuts in line completely disrespecting everyone. Is Neil trying to write himself as the scumbag he is in real life?
  19. The WLFM somehow decides it's a good idea to send a 9-month pregnant woman on a field mission. As expected, she is the only one from the group that gets injured so...the message is that pregnant women should know their place? This game is really confusing in the sense that you don't know if it is feminist or misogynist at its core.
  20. Not a plot hole but it deserves to be mentioned, Self Insert Neil Druckman is a total loser that tries hard way too hard to hit on Abby ("you can do better") but gets total disrespect from her ("ladies first"). Loving it.
  21. The Seraphites capture Abby yet they don't kill her right away even though they know for sure how dangerous she is? This is becoming a recurrent thing in this game to the point of absurdity.
  22. For some reason, Owen didn't want to kill an unarmed member of the Seraphites yet somehow he was totally cool with Abbie killing an unarmed Joel who was actually very friendly and trusting towards them. Sure, Neil. Suuuuuuure.
  23. Also, Owen killed one of his own who was pressuring him to kill said Seraphite and it is stated that Isaac will send someone to kill him yet this never happens. The very next day, he and Mel are just chilling at their home with the dog and this incident is never mentioned ever again. WTF!!!
  24. The whole Lev subplot is a lame attempt to make Abby sympathetic and a HUGE deviation from the Ellie vs Abby story to the point that it feels like the DLC of the DLC. By Day 2, Tommy and Ellie have already killed part of Abby's Gang of Losers yet we are wasting time helping Lev and Yara.
  25. Are we really meant to believe that the Seraphites would waste so many resources to hunt and kill Lev? I get they're an extremist religious group but this is the equivalent of a T-Rex chasing humans instead of saving its energy and eating a slower but bigger dinosaur. Why bother at this point? Just let Lev get on with his life and call it a day you idiots!!!!
  26. Self Insert Neil Druckman magically appears at the marina by himself because the plot demanded it. Abbie has basically no reaction to his death at the hands of Tommy+ she never brings him up in any future conversation. Good writing, Neil.
  27. Abby throws Tommy off the pier but never bothers to double-check to see if he's actually dead.
  28. Bigot Island looks like a badly made copy of M. Night Shyamalan's The Village. Lev somehow was dumb enough to think that his fanatic mom would want to escape with him. I get that he is a teenager but come on, logic does not work on religious fanatics, you dumb idiot.
  29. Isaac, despite being a PoC himself, is also a huge bigot that wants to kill Lev because Lev is different. WTF is this game? Also, after he gets shot by the Seraphites, we never hear from the WLF ever again so...they all died at Bigot Island?
  30. Tommy gets shot at close range INTO THE BACK HIS SKULL AND TRU HIS EYE!!! HE SHOULD BE DEAD YET SOMEHOW HE LIVES!!!! I could believe it if he got shot sideways so him only losing an eye is understandable but the bullet goes directly to his skull + there's no hospitals nor doctors to operate on him. WHAT THE F...
  31. Abby spares Ellie, Nose Girl, and Tommy well knowing that they will NEVER stop until she's dead. Why are you so dumb Abby? WHY???
  32. A new group of people captures Abby and instead of killing her, they decide to keep her alive because this game was written by complete morons. Why keep prisoners at all and go through the trouble of feeding them + risking an escape and/or a revolt??? WHY???
  33. Ellie ALSO gets captured by the new group. And of course, they also decide to bring her back to their base instead of just offing her. Why are bad guys so incompetent in ND games?
  34. Once Ellie finally has Abby has at her mercy, she totally forsakes the promise she made to make Abby pay because "revenge is bad m'kay"? Trash. Total trash.
  35. Instead of kicking Ellie out or talking things over, Nose Girl abandons the comforts and safety of the Lesbian Farm and denies Ellie the chance of seeing her son ever again. Realistically, Nose Girl, and the baby are dead by now. Thanks, Neil, thanks.
To make this less biased here are some of the good story bits that I found to be EXCELLENT (or at least interesting enough to mention them).
  1. Ellie playing the guitar and singing. It was a nice character moment and overall I like the chemistry between her and Nose Girl, I think their relationship is the only salvageable aspect of the game.
  2. Tommy's method of torturing the two guys from Abby's Gang of Losers by asking them the same question, making them write the replies and then punishing them if they're lying. It was a super chilling scene despite the fact we only see the aftermath.
  3. Tommy arrowing the other member of Abby's Gang of Losers. I really wish we could see a brutal DLC in which we play as Tommy. I can't believe some of the best kills are offscreen and we only see the aftermath.
  4. Ellie sharing her story of how she is immune to Nose Girl + Nose Girl sharing her pregnancy + Ellie calling her a burden.
  5. The flashbacks with the Joel cameos. Definitely what 100% of us wanted as the main bulk of a sequel instead of the dumpster fire that we got.
  6. I really liked the polaroid photos + Ellie's systemic planning for killing her targets one by one. Felt a lot like Assassins' Creed to me.
  7. Seeing Poor Man's Halle Berry die from her own POV is an effective tool into making Ellie's seem like a ruthless killer. At first, I was disappointed that we never see her dead play out fully but I totally understand why ND did that. I think this is the turning point where ND is asking us to start questioning Ellie's actions.
  8. Asian Wannabe Joel's death is sudden, brutal and I loved it. He was such an awful NPC so I'm glad he's dealt with quickly.
  9. As Abby, you can play with a cute dog. The action sequence of her group against the Horse People was done really well.
  10. Isaac's intro was really scary. Too bad his character is completely wasted. I was kind of expecting him to be the final villain of Abby's story.
  11. Lev and Yara's intro was awesome. Really loved the brutality of the entire sequence.
  12. Abby being chased by Poor Man's Nemesis at the hospital was scarier than the actual Nemesis encounters in the RE3 Remake so that's something.
  13. The burning of Bigot Island was masterfully executed and so was Abby's return to Owen's home. Seeing the dead dog brought a tear to my eye (Owen and Mel totally had it coming tho). Abby seeing the map and realizing what Tommy and Ellie have been up to is BRUTAL.
  14. Ellie + Nose Girl vs Abby + Lev was EPIC and the outcome very realistic. OF COURSE, Ellie and Nose Girl were going to lose in close combat.
  15. Ellie's PTSD at the Lesbian Farm was amazing in how real it feels.
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2020.08.16 23:23 goshenite1 Top 10 anime/ recommendations

Hello all. This is uncle Ciaráns top 10 anime and anime recommendations list. I've seen a lot of anime. Some doodoo ass shit, some kiddy shit, and some really really good shit. So, I'm giving my best of the best, top 10 of all time for me. I will be including the manga into some of my reasons why, but if the manga is ahead, I won't spoil it, because for the most of these, you don't wanna be spoiled.
Pre posting edit:
I really didn't mean to talk about the manga and spoilers so much for number 1. Like all of that I'm pretty sure is bigger than the rest of this combined. There's a point where I say to stop reading if you haven't watched/read, and I really mean that. Please stop reading there and if you're really interested save this post or something to continue when you're finished.
10: Erased (Boku dachi ga Inai Machi)
Erased is a story about a man who goes back in time, onto his child body, to stop a murderer who killed his mother, who he suspects is the same man who killed a classmate of his when he was 10.
Erased is really good. Like it's low on my top 10, and to some people, that means I don't like it, which is fucking retarded. It's in my top 10, it's good. It has a solid story, a mix of good, realistic characters, and fun charm. If there is one complaint, it's that towards the end, I didn't like it as much, but that's just me.
9: Mob psycho 100
Mob psycho is the story of Kageyama Shigeo, a young boy with unfathomable psychic powers, who just wants to fit in and be popular.
Mob psycho is so fun. With great animation, great comedy, as expected from the web comics writer, and great style, mob psycho will always be one of the best in the medium to me. I love the characters and how they grow throughout, and the intros to both seasons absolutely slap, it's great. Also, spoilers for the rest of the list, I do prefer it over One Punch Man.
8: Devilman Crybaby
Devilman Crybaby is the remake and adaption of the anime and manga Devilman, but set in today's world. It's about Akira Fudo, an overly sensitive boy becoming half demon after his eccentric genius friend Ryo Asuka takes him to a club.
It's art style is distinct, as to be expected when directed by Maasaki Yuaasa, one of,if not my favorite director in anime. The anime is fun but can be dour and depressing when it wants to be. Overall a great experience.
7: Toradora!
Toradora! is the story of Takasu Ryuuji and Aisaka Taiga, both of whom have a crush on each others best friend, try to help each other get with their respective friends, while slowly realizing they actually love each other the most.
I loved Toradora the whole way through. It's a really fun watch, and again, the characters are great, the story is great, and a lot of themes are explored very well.
6: Beastars
Beastars is the story of Legosi, a strangely timid gray wolf in a world of anthropomorphic animals, and his journey of adolescensce while meeting new people and finding his place in the world.
Beastars is probably known mostly for it being "that furry anime", but please don't let this put you off. It's a great story and in my eyes quite accurately portrays how a world where the two types of people are literally predator and prey. And it's not just fake ass shitty animal racism like in zootopia. It's a character driven show about finding your place in the world and what sexuality and deviation really mean to other people. Also don't let the 3d animation put you off, it's honestly, hand on heart better than what it would have been in 2d and it looks amazing. Studio orange are fucking amazing for their animation.
5: Bloom into you (Yagate kimi ni naru)
Bloom into you is the story of Koito You, a freshman in her new school, who is having a hard time answering her friend from middle school who asked her out. He asked her out on graduation, but she doesn't know how to answer, as she never felt anything when she was asked out. She built up an image in her head from listening to so much love songs and watching romance anime, that when you are asked out by a person you love you will feel some sort of sensation, but she's never felt it, so she thinks she's incapable of love. When she asks a girl on the student council, Nanami Touko, who she seen earlier turn down someone asking her out, for help with rejecting her friend, she helps her. But during this rejection phone call, Touko falls in love with You, and asks her out right after.
Bloom into you has a connection with me. The first genre of anime I watched really was Yuri, and this, this is creme of the crop. I think it only rivals Kase San, but that's an ova/movie, so I'm not going to include it. The Yuri genre is what got me into anime, and I think this is what solidified my interest. I love this show, I love nearly every character, I love the story, I love the manga, I love the setting, I LOVE THIS SHOW! It's intro is so good as well, you don't even understand.
4: Psycho pass (seasons 1 and 2)
Psycho pass is about a future where you are monitored on how likely it is that you will commit a crime, by your emotions. This is the Sybil system. The police force take down people who are likely to commit crimes. It follows Tsunemori Akane, a new recruit in the detective force. One tng about the police force is that each detective has a latent criminal as there sidekick. These latent criminals are people with a high crime mentality, so itt is easy for them to fit the mindset of criminals. Recently, there have been troubles with the Sybil system and how much it gets right from predictions. It's the story of Akanes struggle of what justice really is , when it's based on a faulty, possibly corrupt system.
Psycho pass, gets it's atmosphere right, which is quite rare in anime. When it's going for a sad scene, you feel sad, when it wants you to think you will think. I love psycho pass. The first season genuinely has one of the best villains I've ever seen in anime, and some of the best writing, sci fi concept writing and just gets so much right. The second season, in my opinion isn't as good but is still really good, but a lot of fans don't like it.
3: The promised neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland)
The promised neverland follows the story of Emma, Ray and Norman, three genius level 11 year olds who live in an almost idealistic orphanage, which is like a paradise for kids. Everything is fine, until one day they realize that, no it's not an orphanage. It's a farm for children's brains so that the demons who live outside the orphanage can feast, and that when a kid is 'adopted', they are actually killed and their brain is harvested. This leads to the three kids trying to find a way out in an inescapable prison with all the other young children.
I think the best thing that promised neverland got right, is that in the first season, not a single demon is ever shown on screen. A lot of anime would've fallen for the trap of big dumb demon fight, but no. It's all devoted to three insanely smart kids trying to outwit their 'mother', who is basically the farmer, who is on god genuinely terrifying. She literally just a normal woman, but she's one of the most terrifying villains I've ever seen, because the main characters are children. It's like the manga Trail of blood, if you've ever heard of it. The characters and story are spectacular, and everything about it is so good. The writing style is like deathnote, with all the mind games, it's great. Go watch it.
2: Attack on titan (Shingeki no kyojin)
Attack on titan follows the story of Eren Yeager, a boy who's town was attacked by Titans, giant fleshy people with a taste for humans, after 100 years of peace. He swears to kill all Titans and reclaim the world he was born in. Him, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, and his friend Armin Arlert, join the military to do this purpose.
I'm next to sure anyone who's reading this has watched the show, or at least season 1, because it was so popular when it came out. But just in case there's one person who hasn't, watch the fucking thing, it's so good. There's now 3 seasons, and I'm sure a lot of people won't have seen the second or third one. But it just keeps getting better. Season 4 is coming out like real soon, and it's going to be the final season. And it's going to be amazing. I know this because I read the manga. It gets quite a lot more harsh and political the more it goes on and if that's not you're forte, you don't have to watch it, but you still really should. Also the writing is amazing, nearly every single character gets some form of growth, even super minor characters, and there's next to no plot holes. You know why? Because the mad lad Hajime Isayama himself wrote the cunt backwards. I'm not going to explain that btw. Ask if you're really curious. The animation is fucking fantastic as well. Some of the best choreography I've ever seen in anime, and the lore and world building are phenomenal as well. You really, genuinely think while watching this, which is so good.
1:Land of the Lustrous (houseki no kuni)
One day, 6 huge meteorites fell to the earth, obliterating everything. Humans split into 3 parts: bone, skin and soul. The bone stayed on what was left of the ground, and burrowed into mountains, the skin went to the sea and the souls went to the moon. An unknown amount of time later, gemstone people inhabit what's left of the earth. These are the gems. They live out there days in harmony. Every once in a while a sunspot will appear. This is the lunarians. Silent, surreal and creepy. They come with weapons to shatter the gems. Once shattered they collect them and bring them back to the moon to use for jewelry. There is roughly 28 gems, and an unknown amount of lunarians. We start by being introduced to phosphophyllite, the youngest current gem only being 330 years old. She has a density of 3.5 so she can't fight, and is quite a klutz so can't do much other jobs. After obtaining a job from Kongo Sensei, their mentopseudo father, she wants to fulfill it. Her job is to make an encyclopedia of everything on the island. You are then introduced to all the other gems, and some of the more main ones, such as bort, diamond and cinnabar. The lunarians seem to be in some sort of evolution, with new types showing up on the sunspots and more gems being shattered. It's in 3d, like beastars. In fact it's made by the same people, studio orange. The animation is genuinely beautiful and surreal, and if you haven't watched this, you definitely should. It's only 12 episodes, and most likely isn't going to get a 2nd season. Watch it, and don't read the rest of this post unless you have read the manga and watched the anime, or just really close.
Spoilers for the manga.
First off, let me make a few corrections. The lunarians don't shatter the gems for jewelry. The crush them up and scatter them over the surface of the moon so that one day, it will glow enough to remind Kongo Sensei of all his past failings and sufferings. I'll stop calling Kongo Sensei that, because that's not what he is. He is Adamant, a broken prayer machine. He's supposed to pray for the spirits of the lost so that they can reach heaven. If he prays, all the lunarians will dissapear, forever with no drawback. But he can't. We know this because of Phos, but let's learn some about her. This is Phos:
She is the youngest gem, and most brittle apart from one. Because of this she shatters easily. She loses her legs to the lunarians out at sea, and so she replaces them with seashell legs, which make her run super fast. These are her legs:
She loses her arms in ice floes while paired up with Antarticite over winter, and they are replaced with liquid gold, which she can transform and shift at her will. This is gold Phos:
When the arms are adjusting to her, she gets trapped in a gold box, during which Antarticite is killed. This causes Phos to carry some sort of depression and guilt. The weight of the good weighs down her legs, but she can now practically shape shift, so she becomest the best combatant against the lunarians. She loses her head in a fight and it's replaced with the head of lapis lazuli, a shattered gem who's head is the only part left. This is Lapis Phos:
Now let me tell you something about gems. Their memories are stored in there physical bodies, so when they lose a bit, they lose some memories. At this point, Phos is basically not herself anymore and goes through a drastic personality change, as now she has less than half of her original body, and has another persons head. She starts doubting Sensei after she overhears him calling a new special type of lunarian "Shiro" in private. She tries to communicate to the lunarians to no avail. She then catches on to a sunspot and travels to the moon. After seeing so many friends die, she wants to eliminate the lunarian threat for good by wiping them out. When she gets to the moon she finds outs that the lunarians can talk, just not in our atmosphere and talks to their king, Aechma . She finds out they're all depressed ghosts of their human selves, who just want to die but can't as they regenerate. The only way they can pass on is to be prayed out of existance by Adamant, so have been killing his surrogate daughters/sons ,(They're genderless) to make him pray. He can't, so they keep doing it. She comes back to earth with this knowledge, also with a glowing eye made out of pearl. Adamant explains he can't pray, so her and a few gems that she convinced to join her go back to the moon like Phos agreed to do with Aechma. This is moon Phos:
He still doesn't pray, so Phos launches an assault on earth. She wants to stop the killing and just let the lunarians die, and in her eyes, she is just. She attacks the earth gems, who have just been living in harmony for some time. She is shattered and her pieces hidden. After a couple of hundred years she awakens, after being put back together by Adamant. He couldn't find all the pieces so she is broken and basically being held together by the gold. This is broken Phos:
She than almost makes him pray, the prayer starts but isnt finished. She leaves back to the moon. We find out that the reason it almost worked now, is because Phos, is almost human. Adamant needs a human to command him to pray. She is now essentially human, as she is part Gem, Lunarian and Admirabilis. Essentially bone, soul and skin. Also the Admirabilis are mermaid fish people who live in the sea and can turn into snails. She is also almost entirely powered by revenge, which Aechma thinks also plays into it. This is human Phos:
After composing herself on the moon, she leads another attack on earth, which is where we are currently in the manga. She has been slowly murdering every gem, to get to Adamant. This is where we are. You'll have to read what comes out to conclude the story.
Literally none of that is copy pasted, apart from the links, even if it looks like it from the way I wrote. This story is my favorite story ever told in fiction. The story of phosphophyllite, slowly losing who she is as a person, slowly becoming darker, and getting so caught up in revenge that her original goal of getting Adamant to pray to save the gems, is basically cancelled out because she's the one killing them all now, is so tragic, and fucking dour and depressing, it couldn't not be my favorite. That's why I put all the images in, you get to see the slow change to a different person I love this story, I consider it a masterpiece, and I don't think it will ever be beaten. It goes from so happy and cheery to a depressing story of someone who doesn't know who they even are anymore, and are completely filled with a lust to kill. If you're like insane and read this far, please give it a go. I know that now, you know the whole story, but there are a few details I left out and that animation for the anime is fantastic, and the art from the manga can be amazing and sometimes even creepy. I love this manga and anime. Thanks to the medium of anime and manga, I was able to see my favorite piece of fiction to ever exist.
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2020.08.16 19:29 eve_salmon A Cinematic Guide to The Weeknd: Pt 1. Trilogy and Kiss Land

A Cinematic Guide to The Weeknd: Pt 1. Trilogy and Kiss Land
Not since Jackson has there been a pop star who was so influenced by film. Without cinema, there is no The Weeknd. I decided to write this after reading his CR interview where he namedrops Der Fan, a pretty serious cinephile cut and one of my favorite films ever. In this series of posts I will attempt to chronicle the major cinematic influences on each album. While I’ve seen some other articles cover similar ground, I haven't really seen it covered in the depth it deserves. However, thats not to say this will be any more complete. I honestly didn’t even go that deep. This is by no means exhaustive, I’m not The Weeknd, I haven’t seen every movie in the world, and even amongst movies I’ve seen, my recall is different from others. Much of this comes from some light research, a familiarity with his catalog, but mostly from my own film watching. At the end of the day, like everyone else, I don’t really know anything.
All that being said, I hope you all enjoy this. I will be posting two more parts covering Beauty Behind The Madness + Starboy, and My Dear Melancholy + After Hours.


Visually referenced in the video for "the Knowing," and titularly referenced in "the Zone", Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker is considered by most to be one of the greatest movies ever made. Stalker follows two philosophers (identified as The Writer and The Professor) as they enlist a guide known only as the Stalker to help them traverse a restricted area called the Zone, which is said to hold a room that grants wishes. It can almost be considered a road movie, with much of the film being the party waxing philosophical as they traverse a hypnotic, Chrenobyl-esque landscape. One of the films main themes is that of desire and wish fulfillment, and the disillusionment that comes with it, a theme that echoes throughout Trilogy. On an aesthetic level, the film, which starts out sepia toned and burst into color when the trio enters the Zone, explores the of escapism of the mundane and into cerebral, psychedelic dream worlds, shades of which can be seen particularly on the House Of Balloons portion of Trilogy, on tracks like "The Party and The After Party" and "What You Need", both exploring tangible physical areas, but also states of mind (zones), their pleasures and desires, but ultimately also the emptiness that they truly occupy.
David Lynch:
On the note of escapism and other worlds, perhaps one of the most foundational influences on Trilogy and The Weeknd overall is the cinema of David Lynch. Lynch’s films are noir leaning phantasmagorical trips full of gangsters, ghosts, and movie stars. The video for the Zone contains a number of possible references to Lynch, such as the eyes appearing over the speeding of the lonely road as a reference to the opening of Lost Highway, and perhaps the road scene in Wild at Heart, and the Thursday Girl in the balloon world also bears some resemblance to The Red Room in Twin Peaks. He’s also name dropped Eraserhead a number of times, but the overall impact of Lynch on his music can’t be counted in just blatant aesthetic references. One of Lynch's films that somewhat parallels Stalker is Mulholland Drive, a horror noir murder mystery (many call the film unclassifiable). Like Stalker, Mulholland Drive sees a party of foils (in this case, a fresh ingenue and a jaded actress) enter a mysterious world, this time investigating a case of mistaken identity and getting drawn into the dark dream world of Hollywood (more on this later). While Mulholland Drive isn’t directly referenced at any point in Trilogy, The Weeknd’s debt to Lynch is more the appropriation of themes, feelings and moods of Lynch’s overall body of work, his "cinematic universe" per se, and into the sonic universe of The Weeknd. But of all the references to his work, it must be noted that Wild at Heart, Lynch’s love on the run movie starring Nicholas Cage and Laura Dern, prominently featured Chris Isaak’s "Wicked Game", and was largely responsible for it becoming a hit in the early 90s.
When describing The Weeknd, many critics evoke towards vampire imagery (one review described him as “Transylvanian”), with good reason. Besides the Nosferatu imagery in the "Wicked Games" video, he’s also expressed a strong affinity for Gary Oldman’s performance in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. From what is known about his background, living with a group of other young runaways it’s likely films like The Lost Boys and Near Dark (more on this later), which revolve around gangs of young vampires, was an influence on him as well, especially in parallel to darker tracks like "Initiation" (A Clockwork Orange likely falls in here as well, more on Kubrick below). One of the most interesting ways this is expressed is in "XO/The Host", which samples George Frederic Handel’s "Sarabande", a metre in dance that was in fact banned in 1583 for “exciting bad emotions.”
Stanley Kubrick:
In addition to it's bloodsucking elements, "Sarabande" is also the recurring theme used in Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, Kubrick being another formative overall influence like Lynch. Kubrick’s ideas and imagery are a constant (Visual references to Eyes Wide Shut in the Secrets and "Twenty Eight" videos, A Clockwork Orange references in "Price on My Head", a general appreciation for the Shining etc.). Like Lynch, Kubrick loves his hallucinatory worlds, however, he is less focused on escapism and instead presents our current world as inherently absurd and psychedelic in itself, and people left to their own devices will reflect that experience. For example, like Lynch’s Blue Velvet, Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut posits that a gilded sexual underworld truly holds the keys to society, and that the sheen of civility is but a thin veneer. However, [Spoiler Alert] Blue Velvet ends with the police getting Dennis Hopper’s iconic villain Frank and the couple that caught him living happily ever after. However Eyes Wide Shut ends with Tom Cruise’s Bill being bullied out of his investigation into the murder of a hooker by a mysterious masked cabal. When he spills out to his wife, she says that all that they do about it is go home and fuck. So while Lynch isn’t exactly an optimist, his works still exist within his own controlled continuum and plane. Kubrick on the other hand, applies his vision to our own world, and presents us with his own theories on our past, present, and future.
While I hesitate to delve too deep into the simple name drops (Nightmare on Elm St. on "Glass Table Girls", "The Birds", etc.) on "Loft Music", I believe he namechecks The Third Man, Carol Reed's seminal noir film of mistaken identity. This is a pretty interesting reference, as The Third Man is considered one of the Great Films by many, and is actually what first made me think he was a cinephile all the way back in the day. I don’t even know if he’s actually referencing it, it would definitely be the oldest film he's mentioned besides Nosferatu (everyone does Nosferatu though), but I don’t think it would be out of his wheelhouse. In the "Twenty Eight" video, much has been made about the stacked televisions and the interview (Videodrome) and the fake street (Eyes Wide Shut). However the scene where he’s watching the girls dance in the movie theater, and the ghost girl in the hotel room is very similar to John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns, an old Masters of Horror episode starring Norman Reedus as a theater owner who tries to track down a film that’ll make whoever watches it go insane. He’s also spoken before about the Machinist, another film about the divide between dreamworlds and reality, rooted in traumatic experience (it should be noted that the aforementioned Mulholland Drive is rooted in a car crash in which one of the leads experiences amnesia, very similar to the Machinist).

Kiss Land

Blade RunneThe Matrix:
One of the cornerstone films of Kiss Land is Blade Runner, with the Kiss Land world being strongly inspired by Blade Runner’s Los Angeles, November 2019, most notably with the metropolitan Asian influence, the neon signs and the futuristic skyscrapers, as well the film’s Vangelis score (which opened the Kiss Land Memento Mori episode). Most blatantly, there’s "Tears in the Rain", a reference to Rutger Hauer’s classic, improvised ending monologue. The parallels to Kiss Land and Blade Runner run deep on a conceptual level. Many come to Blade Runner expecting a sort of sci-fi adventure film (what Blade Runner 2049 turned out to be), when it is in fact a futuristic neo-noir mood piece. Like Kiss Land, it isn’t so much about the story, but about the scenes, the textures, the world it built and inhabited. To truly feel the Blade Runner influence, check "Not Used To (The Town Demo)", which is available on google drive somewhere on this sub. Another important film to is rather obvious visually, The Matrix. The sci-fi adventure classic, beside serving as a strong aesthetic standpoint, uniquely influenced Kiss Land’s sonic palette of industrial music, noise, and contemporary rock, from the likes of Linkin Park, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, not to mention the cave rave from the second movie, had a strong influence on the sound of Kiss Land, most strikingly the cold, aggressive drums on songs like "Adaptation" and "Love in The Sky."
Only God Forgives/Black Rain/Enter The Void/New Rose Hotel:
Blade Runner isn’t the only Ridley Scott film he pulled from (There’s something to be said about Alien’s haunting Jerry Goldsmith score and its use of icky greens and steely blues), as the Kiss Land concept and storyline was also heavily influenced by Scott’s Black Rain. Black Rain stars Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia as two New York City cops who must escort a Yakuza hitman to Tokyo. While not one of Scott’s more famous works, it is a cult classic in certain circles, primarily with the vaporware crowd, for it’s evocative cinematography, metropolitan portrayal of Tokyo, and Hans Zimmer’s "Black Rain Suite." The idea of foreigners lost in the seedy underworlds of the East, a major element in Kiss Land, is also reflected in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives. While Black Rain is a slick, Hollywood production, Only God Forgives is a down and dirty indie. After his huge success with Drive (more on this film later), Winding Refn was interested in doing something less commercial, and put together Only God Forgives in Thailand with a far lower budget than Drive. While Cliff Martinez’s score features the cinematic symphonies so common in the Kiss Land films, one notable motif is his use of huge organs, similar of which can be seen on "Kiss Land. But the pinnacle of the foreigner lost abroad set of films is the infamous Enter the Void, Gaspar Noe’s sleazy psychedelic odyssey through Tokyo underworld. Set in neon soaked strip clubs and red light hotel rooms, besides the thematic and visual influence, like the Matrix, Enter the Void had a strong influence on the sonic palette, with Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter providing sound effects, most famously for the film’s iconic title sequence (More on both Noe and Bangalter later). The seediness extends, to Abel Ferrara's New Rose Hotel, a groovy cyberpunk romp about corporate sleaze which takes us on a journey through just as many night clubs and hotel rooms, and is perhaps the pioneering Kiss Land film (more on this film later).
John Carpenter:
With the setting and city playing such a large role, a filmmaker who exemplifies this is John Carpenter, who’s best work makes strong use of location as a character. While he frequently diverges, he markedly enjoys sprawling urban metropolises, best seen in films like Escape From New York, Escape from LA, and They Live (more on this film later), all of which he also composed the soundtrack to, most famously Escape from New York’s iconic intro theme, which was also a likely influence on Kiss Land. While there is likely some mood taken from The Fog, another Carpenter film that influenced Kiss Land was The Thing. He has specifically name dropped this in interviews, and while this isn’t as face obvious as the others, it features a massive, iconic Ennio Morricone soundtrack that mirror Kiss Land’s paranoid blockbuster ambitions.
Early David Cronenberg:
While much has already been made about Kiss Land’s sci-fi influence, David Cronenberg’s horror influence can be felt throughout. He is known as the king of body horror, most impressively seen in films like the Fly, Naked Lunch, and of course, Videodrome , however, most relevant to Kiss Land and possibly The Weeknd overall is his portrayal of sexual deviance. While Ridley Scott and John Carpenter had been anticipating a career in filmmaking for a very long time, Cronenberg’s initial interests were the sciences and academia, specifically botany and lepidopterology (the study of butterflies). As such, his films have a colder, psychological edge but retain an air of elegance and sophistication. As opposed to Lynch’s exploration into the deviance in the underbelly, Cronenberg explores similar deviances amongst the upper class. He enjoys mad scientists and dark lords, his protagonists usually being surgeons, psychologists, ambassadors, etc. This can be seen in Dead Ringers, where Jeremy Irons plays twin surgeons who pretend to be one and date the same woman. The film is a deft mix of drama, horror and sci-fi, (strikingly displayed in the twins surgery “tools” and outfits), and a darkly comedic exploration of sexuality. Videodrome, a well known favorite of The Weeknd, also touches on these ideas of sexual deviances, with James Wood’s Max being a purveyor of smut and engaging in all sorts of bloody, piercing sex to the point that it begins to melt his brain. In a sort of meta twist Cronenberg, even seems to parody his own ideas of exhibitionist sexuality with the play scene at the beginning of the Brood, which possibly served as inspiration on the body show in the "Belong to The World" video.
Corporate Faculty/Conspiracy:
On the topic of Videodrome, besides it’s body horror, another interesting aspect of the film is it’s portrayal of corporate faculty. When making Trilogy, The Weeked regularly mentions how much time he had as there were no label obligations. With Kiss Land however, he had set up the XO imprint on Republic Records, and was now answerable to corporate powers. Videodrome’s plot revolves around Max, a tv programmer who acquires a menacing tv show called Videodrome that seems to depict graphic torture and killing. As he continues on, he begins to encounter hallucinations and uncovers a conspiracy that stretches across multiple civic organizations. Smuggled inside a body horror scifi film is a powerful commentary on corporate rationale and reasoning, as well as prescient, forward thinking ideas of mass media and its effect on people. This idea appears as well in Carpenter's They Live, a film where Roddy Piper discovers that humans have been replaced by alien zombie like beings who attempt to enslave the earth through subliminal messaging in mass media. This idea of sinister corporations pops up in a number of films, it can be seen in Blade Runner with the Tyrell Corporation, and to an extent the robots of the Matrix harvesting people for energy. However, one of the cuter examples is the Oxcy Cat logo being a play on the logo of Max Shreck’s corporation from Batman Returns, another film involving corporate conspiracies and sexual politics. Shreck is played by Christopher Walken, who is also a lead in New Rose Hotel, Abel Ferrara's film about two corporate raiders who use a lounge singer to seduce a scientist to defect companies. While set in Japan, putting it more in league with Only God Forgives, Black Rain, Enter The Void in the foreigners abroad category, those films explore the more bohemian side of the underworld. Adapted from a William Gibson short story, New Rose Hotel is more concerned with the moral corruption and sexual politics encountered when climbing the ladder in a capitalist society, and the price that must be paid as the ladder is traversed. I believe New Rose Hotel to be a foundational Kiss Land film up there with Blade Runner and The Matrix, the extended lo-fi Kiss Land video seems almost like a stealth remake of the film. While I can't exactly say for sure this was an influence, I do know that The Weeknd is familiar with Bad Lieutenant, Abel Ferrara's most famous film, so it is in the cards. Another speculative film that I have absolutely no proof of would be Olivier Assayas's Demonlover, a brutally sexual tale of corporate espionage taking place in Japan and Paris, over control of a powerful hentai website that may be involved something more sinister.
For a work “set” in Asia, there’s a conspicuous lack of Asian films mentioned on my end. Not to say Asian works are not referenced in Kiss Land, but I do think that the larger influences are films made on Asia by Westerners. The Asian works I believe mostly provide aesthetic, notably the animated films Ghost in a Shell, Casshern, and Akira for their depictions of sci-fi metropolises, and Ju-on: the Grudge for the "Belong to the World" body show. From a thematic standpoint, there is Audition, a definitive J horror film, which revolves around a woman with a mysterious past and Cronenberg-esque sexual deception and body horror, and of which The Weeknd is a known fan. Slightly more obscure and more speculatory however, is the work of Shinya Tsukamoto. While he is best known for his classic Tetsuo: The Iron Man, a body horror classic, I believe his film A Snake of June may have been a strong influence on Kiss Land. A Snake of June is about a woman having an affair who is blackmailed into sexual games over the phone. Shot in an icy blue tinted grayscale, as with many of the Kiss Land works the city (Tokyo) plays as much of a part in the film as the characters, but most interestingly is the intersection between sexuality, technology and voyeurism. Again, this is pure speculation, on one hand I find it hard to believe that this film never came up in his research, but at the same time I myself didn’t discover this film till a little later into my film watching, so I can believe it may have slipped through the cracks.
Pt. 2 coming soon.
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2020.08.16 01:12 BobbyYukitsuki Choose Your Losers – Shannam (500th)

Compared to the others I’ve written about in this series, today’s character is actually somewhat likely to get into Heroes since he scored well in the Voting Jubilee. A lot of people seem to want him as a teacher, and I’m sure it was because he provides the best conversation in Thracia 776.
As a matter of fact, he actually got around 750 more votes in the Voting Jubilee than he did in CYL4 – and that’s without the whole “everyone can vote 7 times” thing.
Anyways, welcome to the eleventh Choose Your Losers theorycraft postCYL4UnitReleaseEdition, in which I lose track of time and muss up my interval of posting every two weeks pick a low-ranking CYL character and talk about why they don’t deserve the spot they got. By “low-ranking” I don’t mean something like the 200-whatevers where your favorite classic character is now that the 3H cast stole everyone’s CYL4 votes. I’m talking about the bottom of the barrel: the 400s, 500s, and below.
In addition to this write-up, I’m also going to include a theorycraft exploring what this character in question could bring to FEH in the slim chance that they’re ever added.
Today’s post will be about Shannam... or Shanam, either way… a Swordmaster from Thracia 776. Shannam placed exactly 500th place in Choose Your Legends 4 with 96 votes, tied with Elen from Binding Blade – someone who I honestly knew nothing about before starting research for this write-up but is actually pretty decently written.
”Okay, at this point you’re straight-up growing delusional. Shannan is already in the game – and even if he wasn’t, he still got 310th place.”
If you misread the title, you fell right into Shannam’s trap in America.
Shannam is an Isaachian civilian who closely resembles Shannan. Thanks to this resemblance, Shannam can pull off impersonations of Shannan. He becomes a con man and tromps around various cities pretending to be Shannan, using his impersonation to make a quick buck or pull off one-night stands.
Shannam is first mentioned in Thracia Chapter 13 by Glade and Dean, who consider calling upon “Shannan” for help defending Tahra from the Empire’s overwhelming forces. Dean scoffs at the notion, saying that “Shannan” is completely apathetic to the needs of the people. Glade curses him out for womanizing during the town’s time of need and resolves himself to defend the city alone.
In Chapter 14, the defending forces fall back into Tahra’s city streets. During the siege, “Shannan” packs up and prepares to leave the city before things get messy, before getting confronted by Homer the bard. Homer challenges him, arguing that abandoning Tahra would just make the townsfolk angry at him, since they had hoped his swordsmanship could help save them. “Shannan” tries to stretch out his lie, but Homer sees right through him – he then admits that he too intends to leave the next morning. Homer asks “Shannan” what his real name is; he replies “it’s Shannam”, to which Homer remarks that “Shannam” is closer to Shannan’s real name than he expected.
Having escaped Tahra successfully, Shannam then goes on the move in search for his next source of work. In the process, he shows up in Chapter 15.
Mareeta can speak to him in this chapter, granting the player access to the best conversation in the game. Shannam tries to pull up his impersonation to get her to leave him alone, but she pesters him further, asking him to teach her Astra. Realizing that his ruse will be up if the topic gets pressed for long, Shannam decides to fake it till he makes it and whips up some nonsense advice about learning Astra.
Coincidentally, Mareeta just happens to have the same Holy Blood lineage as the real Shannan – as such, she actually manages to learn the technique using Shannam’s ass-pulled advice. Rattled and completely taken aback that his tutelage actually worked, Shannam quickly dismisses her Astra as incomplete and abruptly runs off.
Fun fact: Mareeta's Special quote ("Just like Shannan!") is actually referring to this encounter with Shannam. Mareeta has never met the real Shannan.
After leaving the area, Shannam then heads to the Mirage Forest, where he is employed by the Loptyr priest Reincock, the boss of Chapter 16B. If the player decides to go through the swath of teleport tiles forest that is 16B, Shannam will show up as an enemy once more. He can be recruited by Homer… or rather, he sort of recruits himself by begging Homer to let him join. Homer basically says “whatever, come along if you want, idc”.
”So he’s primarily a comic relief character. I thought this series was meant to be about actual meaningful characters, not practical jokes.”
It’s true that Shannam is primarily a funny character, but I think he represents one of Thracia's core aspects.
Chapter 9 of Genealogy has a secret event where Jeanne or Hermina can visit a city cluster, where they get hit on by a guy who looks like Shannan. When they call him out for his bull, the fake Shannan gives them a dragonshield (which he had pretended was the Balmung), tells them to forget about him, and remarks that they’re the first girl who wasn’t wooed by his whole “I’m Prince Shannan” shtick.
Flirtatious? Check. Con man? Check. Sounds like the Shannam we know. This also makes him one of the few characters in the franchise who appear in multiple games.
Shannam’s appearance is one of many elements of Genealogy that were expanded and delved into within Thracia 776. Thracia takes innocuous aspects of Genealogy and frames them in a smaller, more focused scale. Throwaway parts of Genealogy’s maps, like the locations of villages, tree clumps, or even river tiles, suddenly become entire chapters in Thracia. That huge clump of villages in Genealogy Chapter 9, where the “Fake Shannan” secret event is? That’s the city of Tahra – the place where you first meet Shannam. It may just be a big cluster of villages in Genealogy, but you get to fight in those very streets during Thracia chapter 14.
Thracia’s small-scale focus is a drastic shift from Genealogy’s huge-scale structure. It adds a magnifying glass to some of the smaller conflicts within Genealogy, giving the player a closer look at some events of the Jugdral holy war that weren’t chronicled in FE4 because they were too minor to show up at all. Battles like the infamous Saias and Reinhardt river showdown are renowned for being dramatic, notable chapters of Thracia – yet if they were in Genealogy, they probably would just be one or two rounds of combat with a faceless generic enemy, at best. at least, until the remake replaces Ovo with Reinhardt.
...Actually, here’s a video interpretation of where Thracia’s narrative meshes with Genealogy, and where each of Thracia’s battles are on the Genealogy map. It does a better job of demonstrating what I’m trying to say, mainly because it has visuals included.
Anyways, taking the “Shannan” secret event and expanding it into a full-fledged recruitable character is a representation of the developer mindset which helps Thracia 776, as a whole, mesh with Genealogy’s narrative and provide a compelling story experience through gameplay.
Admittedly, the interlocking between the two games isn’t perfect by any means. The fact that Shannam shows up in Tahra after the events of Thracia 776 implies that he either canonically wasn’t recruited by Leif and returned to the city after it was liberated, or he split off from Leif’s army and stopped by Tahra during the conflict in Thracia. Which is closer to the truth? That’s up to you to figure out for yourself.
”I still have barely any idea of who he is outside of some surface-level traits, and we’re at 4 pages of text now. This is a new low, even for this series.”
Generally, most Thracia characters aren’t really explored too deeply – you’d need to read between the lines to glean information about them. (Of course, there are some like Perne, but they’re exceptions rather than the norm) Admittedly, this is counterintuitive to each individual character’s personality by making their traits less well-defined and universal.
But this system also encourages the player to look between the lines for personality cues and pay greater attention to gameplay-story integration. It gives the player a chance to connect the dots themselves, or make their own conjectures and theories about who the character is based on the clues that are given.
With Thracia, Kaga essentially gives us 52 blobs of clay of various unique colors, and tells us to go wild and mold them into what we think would be most fitting for those colors. Instead of handing us the full story himself, he draws a road-map that we can use to find our own conclusion to the question of “who are these people”?
So, with that in mind – what do we know about who Shannam is, aside from being a flirty con man?
Shannam is the only unit in Thracia who has the Bargain skill, and the second unit with innate Bargain in the franchise. Judging by this skill, along with his possession of a Dracoshield in FE4, it’s possible that his actual occupation is being a merchant. One could also deduce that Shannam is just skilled at using his silver tongue to coerce people as a side-effect of running his impersonation con; I personally find this interpretation more fitting to his character.
Secondly… is Shannam even his real name? It seems… too odd to be a coincidence for a Shannan doppelganger to have literally the same name as Shannan, except for one letter. I’m betting he was bullshitting Homer with a fake name, and that his real name isn’t Shannam at all. Does that make him the only playable character in the series whose actual name might be unknown?
Of course, you could argue that Shannam has no reason to lie to Homer since he sees him as a friend, especially since they share a somewhat hedonistic outlook on life and a love for women. And both of them have special events which only trigger when certain women visit them! It could really go either way, and it’s up to the player to deduce an answer for themselves – this ambiguity is exactly what I was referring to with “letting players come to their own conclusions”.
There’s more I could say about the themes regarding Thracia’s cast and how Shannam meshes with them, but I think we’ve been here long enough – it’s time to make what might be the strangest theorycraft of this series.
Theorycrafting Shannam in FEH
Oh boy… This is an absolute pipe dream of a theorycraft and I think the chances of it actually happening are practically zero – it would probably be hell to balance. But it was still quite fun to design.
"I am Prince Shannan of Isaach. Are you surprised? I always make sure to mingle with commoners when I can, you see."
Naturally, Shannam gets the same VA and artist as the man he imitates.
I’m sure you’ve noticed something rather peculiar about his stats: he has Gen 1 BST! All of Shannam’s stats are inferior to Shannan’s except for HP. But even with this abysmal statline, he has other ways to contribute to your roster.
Let's talk about his PRF.
Balmunk: 15 Might. Grants Def+3. Adds +15 to unit’s score in modes like Arena. (Stat total calculation excludes any values added by merges and skills.)
If unit is used in an Aether Raids raiding party, grants +10 bonus to Lift. (Bonus is applicable even if this unit is not listed in the season’s bonus units)
Unit cannot equip or use movement Assist skills. (Assist skills can still be used on this unit.)
TL:DR – as long as he’s got the Balmunk, he will score higher in Arena, and he’ll effectively always be a mini-bonus unit in Aether Raids. He’s not here to fight, he’s here to act as a tool to boost your scores a bit in competitive modes.
He also gets movement assists disabled because people could easily make him useful by turning him into a Repo bot, and he is meant to be a dead weight in battle he has like 6 con, so he won’t be picking anyone up anytime soon.
Using Shannam basically means sacrificing a unit slot for better competitive scoring overall.
Glimmer is there because it’s a branch-off from Night Sky. Guess what else branches off from Night Sky? Astra! Mareeta should’ve gotten Astra in her base kit, change my mind
Bargain is an exclusive skill inheritable only by Shannan...m, and the spiritual successor to the long-forgotten Live for HonoLive for Bounty. It's also the first exclusive skill I've made in these theorycraft posts.
Bargain: If unit is deployed in a competitive mode (such as Arena, Rokkr Sieges, or Aether Raids) and is not defeated in combat, get 1.5x rewards at the end of the season or event. (Skill cannot be inherited)
I really, really wanted to make it so that he gives you 50% off on all summoning costs, because that would be hilariously broken and quite funny. This will have to do instead – I think it’s still pretty strong from an economic perspective and gives players a motivation to use him if they want 2 more orbs or a few more feathers/dragonflowers/grails every week, at the cost of a unit slot.
To clarify – the bonus is only applicable if Shannam does not die. If he is killed at any time, the bonus is removed. For modes like Arena which operate on “rounds” of 5 matches rather than periods of time, the bonus remains applicable as long as Shannam has not died during any of the 5 matches in the player’s currently active Arena streak.
Infantry Flash is there as another nod to Shannam’s skills as a “tutor”. Now he can teach all your infantry units to use Flashing Blade 3. Or you can fodder him off and he'll teach one unit how to teach Flashing Blade 3.
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The Remake : Pretty Woman